Let's Make Robots!


Today I found this in a local Carrefour store in Qingdao for 70 RMB. It has two RGB LED's which illuminate the ears and a couple of buttons. When certain buttons are pressed, it plays some songs or speaks some text (in Chinese).

I will probably hack it and build an emotional/chat robot out of it. In a first step I will take it apart and see what's inside (if my daughter let me...)

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Markus, that's not the right way to do. You need to buy two of them, one for your sweetie and one for yourseves. However, don't dismantle the bunny when she's watching... :-) 

But I understand you very clearly since I've bought a walking, singing, talking and dancing toy cat to her birthday. The evil in my told me "when she don't play it anymore you can hack it...buy...buy...buy...NOW". And what should I say? I bought it and now I am waiting :-D

Yeah, you are right, I should have bought two. Now I can only wait...