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Eggbot may not go further

Here's the first hardware run on the next project-just a big cheap egg platform. I was hoping to make this my first Propeller robot but I'm not sure if this is worthy of such an elegant processor.  Think I'll get better traction and balance out of those little black ducks with more weight over the center?  Such small wheels-I don't know if encoders are an option, and that one side is going about half the other. Right now the steel castor in the back weighs more than the rest of the platform combined.  Gotta come up with a good battery solution too.  What's the favorite for bots this size right now? (ebay links appreciated...)


What is the deal with the videos not showing up?  I tried the embedded video field, I tried embedding the iframe in html... Is this another one of the server blops?  Here's the link...


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When I click on the list of all your uploads on youtube, I can see only 3 videos:

  • K9Mk1   254 views    3 months ago
  • k9 placeholder    101 views    3 months ago
  • BirdBoardBlink    78 views    4 months ago

This "Egg bot 1" video is not on the list. So I think it is "some kind of private" or "not so public" video. Perhaps this is the reason why it can not be embedded.


There is an icon right in front of the name "Egg bot 1" indicating the video is unlisted.

This does seem like a possible reason why it doesn't work embedded.

Made it public-makes no difference.  Huh.



I created test page with your video, using lmr's emdedding html code snippet, on my webhosting, and it works .

There is no html embedded code on this blog page, maybe you can try embed it again.

I like the eggbot idea. Ever since you posted about the dancing eggs, I've been trying to think of a way to use an egg as a robot body.

If you can't use encoders, you might be able to use a gyro to help the robot drive straight. I'm currently experimenting with a couple of different gyros on my omnibot. I think the gyro idea is looking promising for the omnibot application.