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Hard disk - click of death

And there goes my  hard drive :/

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Yeah, the click of death is a bad thing.

Did you lose a lot of data from that drive and have you tried the ole pop it in the freezer for a bout 5 mins and try to access the data.

A friend of mine told me a bout it..as a skeptic, I was suprised when it worked on a drive that was no longer accessible.

The hard disk contained a stripped version of windows xp and all my programs, no really important and irreplaceable data was lost due to backups ;) have two hard drives in RAID 1 now, that should keep everything working :D

A few years ago I used a hammer on a clicking HD. I powered up the HD and began hammering. Just after a couple of blows the clicking sound was fixed. For good :-D

Too bad I didn't have a camcorder back then. The HD make some funny death groans and it would have made a great video.

mine was doing the same yesterday, took it to pieces, cleaned dust out of it, working ok today... wich is pretty cool, i have two more harddrives but from the stone age with 30gig memory lol


but i don't consider it reliable, i will substitute it soon...