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Hard disk - click of death

And there goes my  hard drive :/

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mine was doing the same yesterday, took it to pieces, cleaned dust out of it, working ok today... wich is pretty cool, i have two more harddrives but from the stone age with 30gig memory lol


but i don't consider it reliable, i will substitute it soon... 

A few years ago I used a hammer on a clicking HD. I powered up the HD and began hammering. Just after a couple of blows the clicking sound was fixed. For good :-D

Too bad I didn't have a camcorder back then. The HD make some funny death groans and it would have made a great video.

There is a remote possibility you could recover the data if you wish to. 

Here it goes:

- try finding a working harddrive with exactly the same specs: brand, type, size etc ... basically another unit like the one you had

- if you succeed the above (looks pretty new so it should not be a problem) take the electronics from the new drive and replace the old one's with it

If you are lucky it will work and you will be able to recover your data of it. The last stuff I ordered was paid by a friend I helped recover stuff from a harddrive in the same situation ;)  

I've already replaced the drive... online with windows zeven ultimate now :)

Yeah, the click of death is a bad thing.

Did you lose a lot of data from that drive and have you tried the ole pop it in the freezer for a bout 5 mins and try to access the data.

A friend of mine told me a bout it..as a skeptic, I was suprised when it worked on a drive that was no longer accessible.

The hard disk contained a stripped version of windows xp and all my programs, no really important and irreplaceable data was lost due to backups ;) have two hard drives in RAID 1 now, that should keep everything working :D