Let's Make Robots!


I'm planning on creating a simple robot like "Gwunderer" By. NilsB I have already created the mechanism. When you go in front of it, the servo goes to 180 (up) and when you move farther than 50cm it goes back to 90 (center). This uses an Arduino. I used an Arduino Mega 1280.

UPDATE (6.9.12):

I uploaded a plan and photo of what it looks like.
It seems as though I cannot find my camera...

BUT here is the plan: 


This was a rushed plan, it has spelling mistakes.


UPDATE (8.9.12):

YAYYY! I found my camera!
Here are the images and video I promised (Couldn't Upload the video because of its very big file size) ARGH TAKES TOO LONG TO UPLOAD!:
(Every image is untouched and 10x smaller than original size)


UPDATE (9.9.12):
I uploaded the video!
I decided to call the "robot" Curiosity after Gwunderer's meaning!

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have you asked for rights from nils? jk :P awesome plan, can't wait :P

I never understood what 'Gwunderbar' meant :D

And, no, i havent asked the rights, but i will ask him when hes online

Great to see how you approach this. Rock on!


Regarding the meaning of Gwünderer: Basically it means curiosity.

Oh, Ok. And thanks! Your bot it very cool as well!

actually, gwunderbar is just wundebar with a g :P

wunderbar means wonderful!

Ohhhhh, COOL!

Nice re-build when it's done, but is the Mega not a bit an overkill with just 1 sensor and one servo?

I tend to use my microcontrollers like this: I buy 1 big board and use everything on that one, so 1 brain and multiple casings(robots)

So the controller for this will be used in another project.

Oh and i will be posting the code (soo bad)

But thanks anyway :D 

Nice bot. I like the video. Keep it up. :)

Thanks! :D