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Raspberry Pi Model B+ Review posted

Sorry guys, I forgot to mention it earlier!

As you probably know, the Raspberry Pi Foundation brought out the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ recently.

I got my hands on it mid-July, and after torture testing it wrote a rather large review.

Raspberry Pi Model A / B / B+ Review

Summary of the major changes made by the Model B+

  • 40 pin GPIO header (was 26 pins)
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports (was one (A) or two (B))
  • micro SD card socket (was full size SD slot)
  • Switching voltage regulation (was linear)
  • Improved audio quality due to separate audio low noise power supply
  • Improved board layout
    • Ethernet & USB connectors stick out less
    • replaced RCA video connector with combined video/audio 3.5mm 4 signal jack
    • four proper mounting holes in a nice rectangular pattern
    • rounded corners for little fingers

I really like the new B+ and recommend it.

FYI: RoboPi works great on the B+ !!!

Read my full review for all the gritty details...


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Your link points to a picture, not the entire review ;)

I really am getting old. Sorry.

I believe mikronauts meant to refer to the review at http://www.mikronauts.com/raspberry-pi/bplus-review/


for posting the correct link. I'll fix the blog post now.