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R2D2 Third Leg

Started to work on the third leg today. Inside the body four aluminium pipes guide the platform where the third leg will be attached to. The platform needs more stability going up and down, so extra gliding holes will be placed somewhat higher around each pipe in order to make sure the platform stays horizontal when moved.

The third leg has two casters, but the ones I am using now might be too big. Either they will be replaced or the dimensions of the casing around them can be adjusted. I haven't found smaller casters yet, aside from the metal ballcasters that are too small. Maybe I can build my own using the spheres from ball-mice.

I need to mount the side legs in order to determine the best height for this leg. 

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If you run it on a rug, you may find that a small caster will get bogged down in the rug. That is what I found with my Edwin robot. His third wheel would get caught in the run and his wheels would just sit and spin.

This larger casters might be a better choice in that case. After all, the third wheel has a skirt around it just like the other two, so the caster itself will be mostly hidden.


Thanx for the tip. not so many rugs in my house though ;)

The caster in the picture are too large at the top. The skirt will become allmost a square box instead of an angled one. I have found casters with the same wheel size, but that dont have a large square mounting plate.

We will have to wait and see how they behave....