Let's Make Robots!

The perfect recipe

Some say I know all about computers... Some say I love my hardware more than my girlfriend... All i know is that my desk is always filled with laptops with different OSes, wires, bare PCB's, components and an arduino. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a robot!

The plan is to make a robot that can pull heavy things. I know that doesn't sound very intelligent. But here is the thing, I want my robot to do it's thing on all surfaces. So it has to have a lot of grip. Grip comes from tires, weight distribution and smart power management. And that will be the intelligent feature.

So how will it look?

A bit like this: 


But with with a lot of wires at the back..


What will it do?

- Try to pull a heavy object for a given time or distance

- RC with driving aid (Hybrid)

- Maby a long range trailer (extra battery's)

- Maby some other ideas I get from you...


And how will it do that?

- With encoders at the back wheels

- An arduino

- A 20A RC speed controller 

- Ordinary traction control 

- Some things i havent figured out yet such as, line following sensors, an internal amp meter to measure power, distance measuring sensors and tilt sensors

- With help, A self learning traction system. 

- Maybe some other techniques I get from you...  

I will make pictures of the rc tractor taken apart tomorrow, so i can make a proper project page




PS: I do love my girlfriend more than my hardware, just to be clear ;-)