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Help needed

Hey guys! Recently i got an idea to make a voice controlled robot using a Arduino Uno board and EasyVR voice recognition module. But the problem is I never used a Arduino before and I got no idea of how to program the board for voice recognition.
Can anyone help me with that? I would appreciate even the slightest help :).

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First things first, take your VR module and set it aside, you will not need it for a while. At this point, you really just need to start learning code. On your way, you will learn how to write code to use your VR shield, as well as how to use just about anything else you would want to plug in.

You need to start the same way we all started, get a led to blink. Your Uno board has one installed on pin 13.

Get it to blink. Make it go faster and slower. Make it blink 5 times fast, then 2 times slow, etc. Learn your setup routine, main loop, pinModes, variables, inputs and outputs and how a for-loop works. Keep adding to your skills until you move up to your VR shield.

There is no shortcut here, you just gotta do it.

Beginners lesson #2                                      

Sorry to just jump in here, but #7 on the "Rules" page says something about the subject. If you would use a headline like "How to program Arduino for EasyVR voice recognition module"

Beginners lesson end!

Yeah, first learn about Arduion, as Chris advised, then you will figure out easy how to trigger the input of the EasyVR module with a digital output from the Arduino. Sorry, can't help you more with that since I do not have experience with that module.

I think that the VR has a generate code ordeal if you put it in that mode. I think it holds the arduino in reset or something its been a while sense i used the VR it also has premade commands.


Thanks you - Chris, Lumi, Dustin and Duane!
I shall follow your instructions!