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In /node/9831 Frits writes

"This chassis is yellow". I love a good discribtion like that.
And to those interested in history;
* Pololu sells me Yellow tracks
* I make Yellow Drum Machine with those
* LMR gets quite some exposure, YDM was initiating the original work later to dominate LMR
* DAGU enters LMR, Hires OddBot that they meet on LMR, makes him make YDM
* DAGU makes Yellow chassis-versionfor the project
* The above chassis is yellow.. because Pololu get's parts from DAGU

"Voire lá" is "Danish" for "Look there". So I lifted some pictures from the archive to look at.

These are the yellow tracks Frits bought from Polulu. Solarbotics does not sell them in yellow any more. "We bought them all."



These are the same tracks by Solarbotics. Available in the "Henry Ford Model T" colour range 8-(



This is the machine that Frits made with the yellow ones. And that colour gave it the funky looks. The drumming made for even funkiers sounds. Oh well, you know this already. It's the famous node/112.



When YDM hit the video sites, visitor numbers for LMR hit an all time high. Yes "All Time". Even today with three or four thousand visitors a day, we have never topped 8356 ever since.



DAGU already produced and sold this RP5 robot base. It's grey 8-(



Time passed...


This is picture proof that Oddbot's Caterpillar made it to China.



This is where in China Oddbot works nowadays. (In Zhongshan, where it reads "DAGU".)



As DAGU is now developing YDM kits, they decided to produce the base in a new, much better colour.


And Polulu has them in their shop. And their components are automatically updated on LMR.

The End?

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But RIK!

This is Pulse material!

Are you planning to run Pulse on weekly basis, AND post daily teasers like this as well???

please make a pulse. your blog is the pulse! very interesting stuff...hope my ball robot makes the DAGU assembly line


Conspiracy! :p very interesting. DAGU gets around more than I imagined.