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LMR CNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,  I had an idea for the new year and here it is. I think there are more than 20.000 members on LMR If everyone would pitch in $1 or $2 or more there would be plenty money to buy multiple CNC machines and maybe even enough to make a LMR Robot based on a EZ-b platform. Then we could have whoever wants to submit an idea for the robot send in their ideas with there money. only the LMR members that send money will have free access to the cnc  cnc wed adders


It would really be great to have the opportunity to be able to make your parts on a good CNC. Post a comment of your thoughts  P.S. It would be nice to have an LMR bot for the maker fair!  Thanks, Paul

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Wow! A cool CNC and affordable for sure! Even if the Z axis is only 50mm I think an extruder and a heated build plate would be an easy addition to this machine to make it a 3D printer. I mean most functional printed parts can be printed even with this limitation. I know that a 3D printer has a different motor control hardware, but I wonder if an Arduino can be programmed to get data from USB and have a parallel port type output for this machine... Anything is possible, so why not try it? Good find, Paul!

Pity its not available to Oz. I haven't seen one for as little as that before. Even if it was only good for doing pc boards it's worth the money but there's a lot more stuff you could do with the small work area. I'm off to trawl the local ebay for one similar now. Wish me luck.

no merser this is a good CNC for us AKA LMR P.S. but did you find a another CNC

The same machine is going for double that here.

So is THIS one.  Did anyone happen to notice the shipping price?

Yeah, $475 for shipping is more that the CNC itself. I'm wondering if it's still worth it....

Guys i'm ineluding the shipping

yes but still. price good 

Ok guys this CNC is good so i'l get the rest going. Ok

Ho by the way happy new year