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WhiteBOB - preview

This is WhiteBOB, my member of the BOB family. Because I have no access to a 3D-printer this robot is build from polystyrene sheets (3 and 1mm) and a piece of PVC corner strip.

An Arduino Mini will be used as controller. Instead of the LED strip of the original BOB a Adafruit miniature 8x8 LED matrix with I2C interface will build the mouth of the robot. 4 tower Pro MG90 micro servos will move the robot.


The polystyrene parts for the robot head has been melted together using 'Liquid Poly'. It's similar to the Plastruct stuff, CtC used in his great tip &walkthrough. I was really impressed how strong the connection between the sheets is, using this stuff.

Now I'm waiting for arrival of the Arduino controller. Lets see how it moves. 

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Well done Robotfreak, that's innivative and a nice Bob!!!

Thank you guys. Every home should have at least one BOB ;-). 

the bobfather approves this bob 

Nice one! :) I like the mouth ! is he going to speak to the world before taking over it? :)


Awsome they are taking over the world, or at least going world wide