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Troubleshooting 3-d Printer

This blog is a place to collect notes to be worked up into a Tips post for trubleshooting 3-d Printer problyms.

The idea is to list a symptom with a photograph and list sucsful fix actions to try.



For Example:

Printer: Printerbot LC

Material: ABS

Notes: Extruder temp 230C, Bed temp 110C, Fan on 100%,Polymide (Kapton) on a glass bed 

Problym: Poorly formed vertical edges, Keystoning (wider at the top then the bottom)

Bad Extruder Gear















Fix Actions:

Tighten X and Y belts. (from Robotgoldfish)

Better Extruder Gear














Drop me a line when you find a new solution to a problym or have a tip to share and I will add it to the post. 



Tip:Removing objects from the printer bed

From: Robotgoldfish

big pliers

Big Pliers let me pull the print off easly with out damageing the kapton tape.



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i raised the the print bed so the Y belt no longer drags on the frame.  I replaced the glass with aluminum covered with kaption on both sides.

It  works worlds better.