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My Robot Butler

Not to take users off this site but updating two postings of this is getting tiring. From now on you can find info about this project here. I will leave the funny video up.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback! Wish I could post some more but I ran out of money. I did buy some cheap encoders and found they where difficult to work with. I kept burning them out when I connected them wrong; my attempted solder job sucked too! :) Oh well I'm going to order these "http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/p/5785-Single-Line-Following-Sensor.aspx" they are used to follow lines by telling the difference between black and white. Correct me if I'm wrong but this should work for encoders right? These should be easier to deal with. I am also using my arduino to read these instead of the phidgets. On a side note check out these awesome indicator LED's  "http://www.trossenrobotics.com/triple-output-led-rgb.aspx". Hope to post something interesting soon. Maybe some people will even build their own robot butlers. Just plan to go over budget! :)
This is wonderful! Maybe someday I can do as well
Thanks for the advice but it dose not work. No video appears and there is no option to center or justify.

I am afraid it cannot be done then. Embedding objects into the html is (I'm guessing here) filtered out by the website management softwrae Drupal. Probably with good reason.

The only way to embed video is to tell Drupal which video to embed. And then Drupal will decide where to put it. Which in this case, means right on top of the page.

The only thing you CAN change is the order of the videos.

More on video here.

That was just prototype 1 prototype 2 is 3ft tall with 6 distance sensors and the ability to navigate my house without crashing. How ever I can't post about this because I don't know how to move the utube videos around.
I think you post the videos in the text box as you are writing, to place them where you want them to be. And it was mentioned that you do this with "Rich text disabled" so that the html codes work, or aren't overwritten. Youtube videos usually have an embedding link and a regualr link to copy and place elsewhere, so I'd try usuing the embedding link. There was some mention of  right justify, center etc, but I haven't tried it. Think the above was mentioned somewhere in here, but can't find it now.
Not as exciting but once he's finished, less chance of a hot coffee in your lap :D
I can't post any new pics tell I can move the embedded videos around.
At least you know the motors work, very well!
Good point my next version that comes out today will be 3 laws safe and a little slower. :]