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Arduissimo: MultiCore Arduino indiegogo project

Well I am core crazy, or is that crazy at the core? Maybe it all the 64 core servers I support.... But whatever, had to share this!




Arduissimo is a MultiCore Arduino project. It is optimized for Virtual Perpherals and is based on a Low Cost FPGA Arduino Board, which is the central element of this project:

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It seems to have stalled over the last week. What can we do to get this thing moving? I want to see this project reach its goal!

this part concerns me.... 


The LCFA has no Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) implemented. But there are ADC uPlug modules as an alternative.
so.... I'll need an ADC breakout board? 

Hi Roxanna,

Are familiar with the MCP3208 chip? It's an 8 channel 12-bit ADC that seems to be the favorite in microcontroller land. There's also a 4 channel and 2 channel version of the chip.

I think the MCP3208 is my favorite ADC chip but I also like the 2-channel 10-bit MCP3002.

The above ADC use SPI communication protocol, I know there are also I2C equivalents (SPI is faster).

Sorry if this is all old news.

I generally use an ADC chip with the Propeller when I need to read an analog input. I know Gareth prefers the sigma delta technique using a few passives.

those are great recomendations! I need to play with the sigma delta technique too... 

I love all this learning!

i have a little problem, delivery time.

the technical development continues.

maybe be ready by year end?