Let's Make Robots!

Just when you thought your robot costs are out of control...

Saw this on the Robotics Tomorrow website. When you watch the video, at first you might think he's a cute little guy, but actually, he is rather large, and EXPENSIVE! Starts at $50,000  
Makes the cost of what we make seem so affordable. Next time your significant other complains of your robot expenses, show them this bot... (he is rather cute though...)


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A good lawnmower robot is 2000+$ where the bare components don't cost more than 500.

I remember that little guy. The video still has one of my favorite ambiguous disclaimers, "Emergency Stop to prevent robot apocalypse* *Results not guaranteed, Unbounded Robotics will not be held responsible if our users start a robot apocalypse." It just has that right mix of, "Is this funny? Or, um, a lawyer thing?"
$50k for the UBR1 almost seems like a bargain when you start pricing the PR2 at Willow Garage!

Yikes!! that is expensive!