Let's Make Robots!

World Robofest Championship May 16-17 Southfield, Michigan at LTU!

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Cannot make embedded work.... so links

Mail Sorting Robot, Jean from South Africa

Turtle Saving System

Taxi System

Fire Support Robot

Compition Floor

Miscellaneous Exhibition Bots

Large Robot Obstacle Course

Sorry for the shaky videos... and not always wide screen....

If anyone has more videos of the large bots, please let me know!

Stuff I bought

Free Nuts and Volts magazine current issue!

Nuts and Volts! Hey, I know one of their writers. :)

And I'm all for, "Making your own surface mount PCBs."

Has to be my favorite subscription, we get the PDF and the paper version, and can go to back issues at will! 

I'm going to leave this freebie copy at work on the the 'free" table, hopefully get someone into electronics to pop out of the woodwork :) 

I'm a red shirt with a goatee

Sorry I didn't find you... I was the girl with the LMR Badge on her purse!

I'll be there! 

I'll be there as a volunteer. It would be great to meet others on LMR.