Let's Make Robots!

Robots Ready to Rumble!

Maker Faire NYC will be here before you know it… and, it’s a great opportunity for thousands of people to see and interact with all the cool robots you’ve made!

Aren’t able to attend? No problem, you can ship your robot to us - and we’ll take care of the show-and-tell.

Interested in promoting the mission of LMR? Sweet, volunteer for a shift in the booth!

We’ll be hosting a Google Hangout this Monday at 6 p.m. EST where you can show-off your robotic creations and discuss the logistics of getting them to Maker Faire NYC. If you can’t participate in the hangout, drop us a line at rick [ dot] winscot [atz ] quilix [dot] com and we’ll start the ball rolling.

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By 'we' I do mean LMR. Andrew is going to be busy with all things Make this year... so I offered to help with the booth.


Got any Z-80 projects to share?

Thanks for getting us organized, Rick!

We'll plan to use the 'Never Solder Alone' hangout on the home page. If you've never joined before, you might want to test it out behorehand just to make sure it works for you.

Requested invitation to join the hangout... sent!