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Is the search thingy here not working, or is it just me? Seriously, I don't know if it's because I use Chrome, or if it's just not working. I tried to search to see if anything was said about this, but well...you know...I can't. 

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I was going to say it's just you after trying a single search. That first one went fine, but now each search is turning up a blank page. That is in both Firefox and IE. Of course this could alos be my ISP, which seems to lose DNS periodically.
Yeah, i've noticed the search is a little funky. If I type in certain things, it doesn't return anything except a completely white, blank page. But for most tags it works.
Yeah, I can search once, and everything after that is blank... =/

The LMR search engine is officially screwed up and it will officially be fixed nice really soon. Any day now. Rudolph is already runnning a test site which demonstrates the search problems are over after a few sofwtare updates.

We still do not understand what breaks it, but we have a fix. If you have patience.

BTW, not all searches produce a blank page. Some (most?) just work as expected. That is the really screwy part. And it seems to change with time (dum dum DUMMMM!)

I like the drama, Rik.

BTW. Tried searching for Chuck lately?

haha !! i forgot about that one!

try this http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/text/victories.html