Let's Make Robots!

"The Return of The Son of Richard Gear" - quoting Jax ;)

... Well JAX you said it :)

Here is the latest and greatest in 3D printed gears, now with perfect roundness and accuracy.

Gears! Complete gear set for TB-2 

From TB-X


From TB-X

Yup as good as it get's!

Update - some assembly :) 



From TB-X


From TB-X

Motor label:

From TB-X

Complete track path:

From TB-X

Track links linked:

From TB-X

Need more links :/

From TB-X

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STL Files for the people!

Any point of reposting here?

I am *so* getting a 3D printer now.


Budget, bye, bye.

Cool man! I like the thing in the last pic! Is it your new robot for earth domination? :)

yup it is :) 

Did not get any time to finish it though :/

As the blog has no update feature :-) 

What are these rods with the hole in the middle that you use for the inner hears ?

Brass 2 mm tubes ...



I wanna be in the club!!

How long did it take to print those 8 gears?