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AuMac, a multitask robot


A multitask robot for children and security surveillance


                AuMac(AUtomated MAChine) is a multitask robot designed for children. Some special tasks like sound origin detection, voice recognition, robot human interactions, video transmission facility and remotely operating robot anywhere from the world has been implemented in this robot. This robot was made to speak depending on voice commands in such a way to communicate with the children, so it would become a best friend to them. Even their parents can look after them through robot by making a video call and can navigate robot by giving voice commands from the mobile phone to look their children. It would be useful for the doctors in this way: Generally we notice some children are not so active and suffering from autism and mental disorders. It would become tedious for the doctors to treat them as children never open up before them. Children play with toys and speak with them, they create a separate world and if the toys respond they would be much enthusiastic and be very free. AuMac helps the doctors by communicating with the children with a preloaded tasks desired by doctors like in what way it has to communicate with them. They let children to spend with AuMac alone to make them comfortable, then doctors observe the behaviour of children through video conference and can easily analyse in order to cure them.

            AuMac is not only limited for the children but also much useful in military and other security applications. As it is provided with 3g video conference and tasks done by voice recognition, we can operate this robot anywhere from the world and can implement tasks like navigating and operating weapon (which can be installed in the robot) by just giving voice commands. Instead of human we can send this sort of robots in some terror attacked places and save human life. The same technology can be implemented in RC helicopter and can be used for monitoring areas, providing VIP security and controlling traffic can be easily done.

            AuMac is a low cost, highly efficient and low power consumption robot which performs actions accurately. It is designed based on Audrino Microcontroller Board.











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What a cool project!  I just watched the video and am pretty imressed with the voice recognition.  What did you use for the voice recognition?  What kind of processor did you use? 

Nice work.  Thanks for sharing.




The voice recognition is based on EasyVR chip and the total project is done by using Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller board.https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12656

still there are tasks which can be done by this robot but couldn't show in the video.