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Sir Viswesh was kind enough to send me info on a POV display he made. I am trying to make one, but this is my (gasp) first time arduinoing it up. So I have a 328P from a "Mintduino" kit. I had a circuit board started but decided last night to freeform the circuit instead. So far I only have a bunch of bits and pieces superglued together, but I like it already. I plan to add a copper wire arm assembly with the battery on the other side as a counter balance. Here are some current photos, I'll update here with progress.

Thanks Viswesh!

plan_.pdf83.75 KB

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That's an incredible compact design. Well done Yahmez!

It reminds me that the Shanghai Metro has some of those POV's running out the window. They mounted the LED stripes on the wall and when the Metro passes they will show advertising. At a stop in the tunnel I could check the distance and it might be 0.8 to 1 meter. I believe they also mounted some sort of sensor on eech row of the LED's to measure the Metro's speed so the video is always stationary in the window.

POV Shanghai Metro

What kind of battery are you planning to use Yahmez? Lipo might be good since AA or AAA are much more heavy and might bring the construction out of balance.

Thanks Duane & Bdk.

I was pondering how to get the display to stay stationary too bdk. I suppose you would need some type of sensor to tell it where it is. Possibly a magnet and small coil?

The thought behind the double line... well I had those housed dual led assemblies begging to be used, all nice and square, easy to glue more components to. I was trying to decide if I want to wire them both together for the display, have one row dimly lit all the time or have one row be the inverse of the other row, The latter option I am thinking about more. I wonder if it would look like shadows behind the text or if it would even be readable at all. They might cancel each other out with persistance of vision. Thoughts?

I believe some sort of sensor, or some REALLY good timing, would be needed to make it stationary.  But, smarter people have probably already come up with something I would never think of.  A magnet and coil or a Hall effect device, or optical, or any number of other sensors would work.

I suspect the exact effect you would get by having one row inverse of the other would depend a lot on the exact timing.  I suspect they would cancel each other at least somewhat in the overlapped zone in the middle.  Maybe produce something like a ghosting or outline.  And I'm sure the timing details will make it change.  But, there is certainly one way to find out!  The beauty of these little controllers is how easy they are to change.  Simple Matter of Programming!

As jaded as I am, I'm still fascinated with these POV displays.  Your construction is (as always) as much art as electronics.  I'm diggin it, Daddy-O.  I am with Duane, though.  Curious about the double rows.

I've had an idea for a while that I want to try.  Put one or more simple pov displays on the tire of my vehicle and sync them so they always flash right at the top of rotation.  That way, as the vehicle moves down the road, the display moves but is always on top to spell out messages that move with the vehicle.  Someday, maybe.

Cool project.  Look forward to seeing it done.

Looks interesting and fun.

Aren't most POV displays made from a single line of LEDs? What's the reasoning behind the double line?

Thanks for documenting another one of your cool projects. It's always fun to see what you're doing.