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Let's make a biped together

Hey there, I am about to make a self-balancing biped. I have experience in software development, 3d design and animation. Now experimenting with Arduino and accelerometers. I am open for joint development. Let’s share experience and do this together.

My wife died Tuesday

Lee (Mrs. DT) died in her sleep Tuesday. She and I were in the middle of a divorce, but I never wished this on her. At least now she is in a place without worldly pains for the first time in 14 years.

On the other hand, I have to fill out a lot of paperwork in order to clear up our finances because she had most of the income. Once I get through that and getting a new passport I'll be getting a motor home and taking a vacation overseas. Any suggestions?

And how do I sell a home quickly?

Robot art

I have to give credit to this artist/site
for the wonderful drawing that I use as avatar for my account.


Hello Let’s Make Robots!

You have likely seen that RobotShop has acquired Let’s Make Robots and are wondering what this means to LMR and everything that has been implemented so far.

RobotShop Acquires LetsMakeRobots.com

RobotShop, the leading source for robots and robot parts on the web already hosts one of the largest communities of robot and drone enthusiasts. In 2010, in order to better serve their community by providing free information and articles accessible to all, RobotShop acquired GoRobotics.net, one of the most popular and oldest blogs on robots.

A brief note from my little sister

Here's a quick speech from my little sister. She's been helping me with the testing my robot is running through, and has had fun interacting with it when it tracks her face and talks to her. Here she is with a call to get girls into tech:

Go to Youtube

New Chassis - not the same

I thought I had found the perfect 4WD chassis for Minion 1.  It looks almost identical to the 2WD chassis I am currently using.  Then, I take a closer look at the New Bright Rhino, and see that it is skid steer.  Hmmmmm...

Lobsang- my progress so far.

Here's a quick explanation of what my robot can do:













First blog entry for PiWars!

Hello all! This is my first entry for the PiWars 2015 blogging challenge. I have my robot post here but it's just a post, so now I'm going to blog about Lobsang, my robot, in the designated area of LMR. Hopefully there will be one or two posts per week.

Have fun reading!

Autonomous navigation Robot

I'm trying to make a robot able to navigate autonomous though GPS waypoints. 

So far I've read and seen tutorials for individual hardware and trying to understand how it all works.

Next step will be to try and program something that will work.

Hardware I've
An adafruit ultimate gps.
micro sd card and breakout board for micro sd card
A HMC5883L compass sensor breakout board

Modular esp8266 local network


  • user needs to configure only the first module
  • as easy as possible to add new module
  • each module has a purpose
  • modules know what modules are online
  • accessible singularly
  • wireless configuration

Actions history:

Spherical Pendulum Robot Ball From Scratch


This will be a page where I'll share progress on developing a pendulum robot ball. At the moment I don't now much more than an hour of research. 

My plan is to 
Do a CAD drawing in Inventor 
3D print a prototype.

Solar powered motors

Test with solar panels and motors!
3 solar panels give enough current to move a couple of these popular 3-6v motors, with 6 470uF capacitors as buffer.

I will test soon with an arduino nano and a driver:)


Parametric Printable Meccano

Here a link to a parametric meccano model.

If you know really little about OpenSCAD you can easily configure this file to make meccano-like pieces.
I modeled it because i need often to whip up a mechanical prototype, for hackatons, demo or just playing around :)
At the moment there are the plain piece, the 90° and 45° bent pieces and the C shaped piece, like in the image.

Making robots

Just joined the site after reading the entry on six-wheel robot suspension by Oddbot and seeing Titan in action.

My next mini project - Self balancing bot

Almost done with my boom/gripper build and wanted to make another quick bot (well quick to build) Going to do a self balancer. Need to find an IMU or accelerometer, I have some somewhere in a box....  Only found a compass and just mounted it to look for a good place. May place it lower and the battery higher.  Going to make a tuning python GUI to set the balance variables via bluetooth.

a new day

Today i made some changes to my motor shieldboard.

I found some errors in It :

- the power supply of the motors was connected to the logics powersupply.
- the sensing output was directly connected to gnd. Now i have a resistor between.

I also made a new prototype shield for testing purpose. 

Playing around a some with Actobotics bits-n-bobs - Mobile boom and claw

Playing around a some with Actobotics bits-n-bobs last night and tonight a bit.  Marked-up a claw and boom bot with some parts.  Not sure if this will be the final design, but it works ok this way just moving the arm up an down. I may make or buy a gear box for it, unsure now as of yet. I may even use a tentioning spring. Just something to do to pass the time! :)

First steps again

My first steps in restarting my project was :

- Installing the Arduino IDE and trying to connect to my arduino board.
- Trying to figure out how the hell I connected the L298N driver to the arduino board :)
- offcourse writing everything down in a notebook

Next step is figuring out how I did the PWM on the L298N driver.
After that trying to reprogram my robot, since I lost the original source code, luckely for my it wasn't that big 

Pi Droid Alpha: New robot controller for the Raspberry Pi designed for education & makers

Pi Droid Alpha

Pi Droid Alpha is the best educational Robot Controller for the Raspberry Pi

I had a lot of great feedback from teachers on my RoboPi advanced robot controller for the Raspberry Pi, however most asked for a less powerful - and lower priced - alternative for simpler Robots. I listened :)

Wifi/Web controlled rover

I consolidated all of my Wifi/Web rover playing onto another chassis. I have the code mostly prettied up and should port easily to any Linux SBC. The code started on a Yun, touched-up and re-tooled on a PCDuino, then finally at home on an RPI!

I may post this bot here on LMR, but figured if anyone wanted to look at the code etc, they could.

Here is it on Instructables.

Gooseneck chassis wired for webing:

Building Scatolot MK IV

With 3d printed BaasWheels!
For offroad conquer!
Or awful slippage on flat surfaces

Needs to be fixed to the base somehow.

The Actobotics Warden

I have been sent a chassis to do a review on and will post one in the next few weeks. It comes from Robotzone/ServoCity and is called the Warden.

Motor ramping up and down

As of late, I had added some ramping to my motor driving code. I started with just ramping up but have added ramping down to stop as well now. Most hi-end motor controllers like the Sabertooth and RoboClaw do this for you, but it's nice to have on cheaper controllers to.

Greetings from Spain

Hi @all,

My name is Jose Luis "Josele" Perez. I live in Mijas, a village in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain. Mijas is close to Fuengirola and Marbella, the south of the sunny Spain

I got my degree in Physics, electronics, but I've been dealing with solders and electronic devices since I was a teenager... a few years ago haha! I still remember the old AC188K transistors ... a romantic dream nowadays !!