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Of Pi's and Linuxes

I finally got my hands on the thing I wanted to get first time a heard of it :D

Been trying to roll my own little custom distro for it from scratch ... unfortuantely cross-compiling stuff has it's challenges and it's going to take a lot. For example getting Python compiled is impossible this way, it's building process relyes on native compiler, so it has to be compiled on the Pi.

So I'm using Archlinuxarm on it now and trying to get the kernel customized ...

More to follow.  


I went to MIT!!!

 As of this month, I had the great privilege of going to MIT's media lab to see all of the personal robots lab! It was amazing, even more amazing to see all the robots up close. In addition, I had the honors of meeting Kenton Williams- an amazing student working with these incredible creations. As you may know, I saw Nexi, Nexi's male version or "brother", Aida, Autom's prototype, Leonardo, and much more.

H-Bridge Troubles

I was able to remove the chip from the RC car receiver board, but I didn't have the dexterity and soldering skills to solder leads into the tiny board to use the ready made h-bridge.  My next step was to try and build my own h-bridge, but that isn't working out very well.

Using the old char for the frame for the bucket and mower attachment

Metal cost money, so why not use what I can. There are so much that can be done with just the spare parts from the brake down from one of these chairs.

The body of the old power wheelchair coming apart

Got the chair in today taking it all apart to get it down to just the frame. Got to see what needs fixing before the build

Concept of a learning robot based on VSLA

My next robot will be based on a variable structure stochastic learning automaton (VSLA) , which is similar to the approach David L. Heiserman describes in his book How to Build Your Own Self-Programming Robot. As I am using quite a lot of mathematical notations and equations I have attached the first chapter as a pdf for better readability. I'll add more chapters later.

Update 22/09/2012: Chapter 2 attached

A journey into small robotics

Swarmi - A journey into swarm robotics

Goodwill Goods

So, I went to Goodwill the other day and went straight to the toys sectons.  I found an RC car without the controller for $2.  I bought it, took it home, and ripped its guts out, leaving the motors.  It wasn't until today that I saw fritsl's Toy Challenge.  Four year old challenge accepted :)


Greetings all.

I have been looking around LMR for a few weeks and I thought I should introduce myself.  You can call me "Bur7ama" or just "Bur" for short.  The 89 stands for the year I was born...23 years old if you don't feel like doing the math.

My deepest apologies

My deepest apologies 

My PCB Adventures...

Inspired by Birdmun's adventures in PCB's I decided to try my hand at it. I'm no guru, in fact I'm pretty noobish to this whole thing but I thought I'd share some of the things I've worked out with the help of friendly LMR'ers.

All the equipment I'm using is standard stuff that some folks may already have around:

1. Laser Printer. I had an inkjet which will work using a different method that employs special boards made for UV etching but I             picked up a Brother HL-2240 for $60. It was the cheapest no-frills LP I could find.

Great robot shield ideas gleaned from LMR members

I just felt like commenting on how much I have learned from others on Let's Make Robots. This was recently brought home to me when I decided to build a robot shield for the Hobbybotics Hobbyduino Mini. This is a custom bare-bones Arduino compatible board created by LMR member brooksware2000

LMR's new QR code


Hello to all my fellow let’s make roboters here is the new LMR QR code. I made today and it works. I made it with http://quikqr.com/ and http://goqr.me/ .I’d like to make a really cool project with it. All suggestions are welcome and I’m thinking it would be really cool to have a 12x12 at maker fairer if anyone is going. Well hope you all enjoy .P

Robot A.I. idea for non neural network approach.

In this Blog I am simply gethering my thoughs in preperation for a long term project. Hopefully some programming Guru's will post some good ideas. Maybe it will inspire someone else. I am just one nueron in the huge brain of humanity.

Personal History
When I was 12, I taught myself to program in GW basic on an IBM clone that ran at 8MHz with monochrome, text only graphics and a 5¼inch floppy disk drive. At that time I wanted to write an artificial inteligence.

Axe - the sumobot

Hello hello!

As you can guess, I am making a new robot, and it is a small sumo!
- Picaxe 14M
- 2 modified micro servos
- 1 LDR to see the line of the ring
- Sharp IR sensor
- Bottle cap wheels until I make up a better solution (Yes, lol :D)

And when I will receive parts, or get something done, I am going to update this until it is time to post a robot!
Tomorrow (I think) I'm going to post schematics and maybe printed layout ready to make it pcb!

Someone Knitted me a QR!

Hey! How cool is this! My friend Wendy knitted me this awesome QR code...   And it works!



Rocket Brand Studios


I'm planning on creating a simple robot like "Gwunderer" By. NilsB I have already created the mechanism. When you go in front of it, the servo goes to 180 (up) and when you move farther than 50cm it goes back to 90 (center). This uses an Arduino. I used an Arduino Mega 1280.

UPDATE (6.9.12):

I uploaded a plan and photo of what it looks like.
It seems as though I cannot find my camera...

BUT here is the plan: 

A Game of Kat and Mouse


A Game of Kat (Anologue) and Mouse (Digital)

Teense 3.0 soon to become real


For those who love Teensy.... There is a Teensy 3.0 with ARM processor on its way. It will have 38 pins to use.

Paul stofregen requested Money on Kickstarter and after 1 day has already 4 times the amount he requested.




Best regards



The wishlist

Just to let you all know.

I made a wishlist of parts on yourduino.
In a couple of weeks, it's my birthday :)
I will use all the money from my birthday to buy things from there. (only electric parts, mechanical parts such as wheels I will find some where else for free :))

I will update this blog when I buyed some things!


(excuse me for my bad english, just corrected a few terible mistakes :p)

ALF Donation for LMR4

Ok, I will make it short.

As a result of the Campus Party 2012 in Berlin I just donated 66UD$ for the development of LMR4.

Why and how?


Hi all!


I'm totally new at this, but I want to learn it!
I have an idea for a RoomBot.
It will be a bot that checks the room for it conditions. (Temperature, co2,...)

More concrete:

Pulse oximeter - Update 02/09/12

I am currently in the engineering phase to build a pulse oximeter. I mainly make use of the following references:

Thanks for a fantastic time at the Campus Party Berlin 2012

Thanks for a fantastic time. You are all very giving and really, really cool persons. And very talented.

You know who you are.

Everyone else; Since Campus Party is a returning, and starting to be global -event - why don't we use it as our way to meet IRL?

Hope to see you next time, next place :)

(Click to see large picture :)

motion sensors

i ran into a ps3 active set at big lots it was only 15 dollars and it claimed 3 motion sensors including hear rate monitor so i purchased it took it home and dismantled the sensors to find what i think is a wireless accellorometer and one with heartbeat sensor and the set comes with a donge that when i plugged it into my labtop it set it up automatically and showed it was sending packets but no response(probably do to the lack of software instruction.

Getting Started with 3D Printing

LMR is a great place to work together, learn and build. When you put cool new tools and tech in the hands of the community here, we can make awesome new things! When I first started wanting to build a 3D printer in 2009, there honestly wasn't much documentation out there to learn from  like today, and lots of my questions were left to the Great Google. Here is an attempt to at least collect some info for those starting on the 3D printing path...

Campus Party Berlin Tempelhof

Ok folks, we are in Berlin and setting up our domain. After a bit hassle with the registration and the tent we finally got everything settled.

We still need a bit organisation miracle to setup the big banner (thanks OddBot) and te live video stream but I guess we will get this done by tomorrow noon.

A whole airport terminal full of nerds, can you imagine that? Please keep in touch to learn more about the CP in Berlin.

Videos are coming in from time to time.

To join the current hangout please click here:

Homemade compound eye

The compound eye from DAGU, designed by Oddbot, is cool and cheap. But I needed a round board to imitate the human eye, so I made one by myself. The IR LED's and photo transistors are the same as in the original design. As I had no PN 100 transistor, I used a BD 139 (the 4 IR LED's draw approx. 100 mA @ 5 V).

Front view of the perf board