Let's Make Robots!


Almost got my stuffs for learning to build a first beginner robot

I just got almost all of my packages for starting with robotic and I am thrilled but lately busy with my work so probably will start to work on it soon once I got all  my stuffs :D

To be continued...

A Preview on the NerdConv1

Today my wife went to the cinema with my kids and I took the resulting moment of quietness at home to build up two new NerdCam1 modules. I wanted to have them ready as the new base PCB for the NerdConv1 - my new video side-by-side converter - is approaching.

The two new cams with customized optics and spacers for firm attachment

Sparkfun Variable Temp Soldering Station ~ Review

Well my Sparkfun Soldering Station finally arrived in the mail today, and oh boy I was so excited, I nearly squeeled with glee I grunted in anticipation. Put on your safety goggles, and take it for a spin with me!


My first picaxe projects

When I first started with picaxe as a microcontroller (a few days ago), I thought on one hand at the space used by it. An arduino board is, depending on the model, 10-15 times larger than a pîcaxe microcontroller ( maybe a little less).There is also the money problem, a picaxe being a lot cheaper than an arduino and on the other hand I can use arduinos to much more complex projects.

Raspberry Pi Robot

Hopefully I didn't get your guys' hopes up, but I don't actually have a Raspberry Pi yet. However, it's on its way to my door (although I'm currently on vacation, so I'll have to wait a week). Now I'm filling up my time thinking of ways to use it. Most likely, I plan to make a robot from it. Since the Raspberry Pi has a lot more computational oomph than the Arduino, I want to make something more advanced than what I've done before. It'll probably be a mobile computer, with a keyboard, mouse, small screen, and perhaps some sort of manipulator to interact with the world.

Need some help with physics question (non robot)

The ten year old really got me stumped on this one...



Design of 3D printed enclosure - first printout

Here is a quick update related to this post about 3D printed robot enclosure.

Two videos below illustrate the goal - how it will looks like soon :-). And here is the first step into this direction - my first 3D-printed part of the enclosure shown in the video. Took me about the whole week from receiving the packet with Ultimaker kit till the first reasonable printout came out :-) .


Wrong servos!!

I ordered 6 9g servos from ebay, and instead I received large futaba S3003 servos..

I'm not really upset that I got these servos, because they are worth more, but I've been waiting for the micro servos for a while now and these won't work on Project MegaTank with out some modifications :(

I ended up converting two into continuous servos and one accidentally broke so I turned it into a small gearbox.

Free l298 Dual motor driver

The l298 dual motor driver is available for free sampling here

Go to Orderable products >> ST pricing and free samples >> and order, you may have to make an account.

SEAR + MRL = Simulator + Controller


Here's a video from a very cool project by morrows_end Kegfloater

Ready for Campus Party

I am ready for the Campus Party.

OddBot was so kind to send me the LMR poster he already had to the Shenzhen Mini Maker Fair.

Sorry for the wrinkles but it's huge and i did not have the space to unfold it completely.

I will bring it to the Campus Party in Berlin in August.

FREE Atmel/AVR chips of your choice!

Okay, i know some of you think i'm mad, but if you have an Arduino at home, and want to buy some blank AVR chips on Ebay and bootloader/program them, DON'T! Instead, why not get them totally FREE from the manufacturer themselves? All you need is to do sign up at the Manucfaturer : Atmel website and you are good to go.

iNFiNiTY Cube


I had an idea and I wanted to know if its feasible

I want to make a cube of µprocessors. Here, each of the µ will do some special function and in will be controlled by the master processor. My choice of micro processors is Atmega 8.

The idea behind this is to divide the job a micro processor does and give ur to different micro processors.

My work desk!

his is a block a bout my work desk!

Problem with LCD

I don't know what's going on with my LCD display. It used to work fine, but today it hasn't been. Half of the display has a much greater contrast than the other. Also, it is flickering with some weird stuff. I have gotten the LCD code to work fine before. Any advice?


Code for Jorgen

long LengthOfYourPause;

long remTime;


void setup()


    LengthOfYourPause=5000;  //we will check every 5 seconds    

    remTime=millis();  //remember the current time



void loop()


    //do whatever stuff you normally do in a loop


My Makerbot Thing-0-Matic Assembly Progress Blog


Hello LMR people I made this blog to show everyone where I have gone with the assembly of my makerbot tom .

What I have to say after all I have done ,you will see later on this blog ,is that it needs time a lot time and of course good will

if something doesn't going as you were expecting ...


Photos follow(its not of best quality cause I dont own a camera at the moment only my cell phone) :


Am I building a new robot???

Hello, LMR!

It's been a while since I posted here... But now I'm working on a new robot! :D Am I? This is a variation of my LadyBugBot, and on the picture below you can see early work on chassis.

Attiny-Duino or whatever?

Hi geeks ;-)

I am thinking about to shrink some of my projects. That's the deal. I am planning to build a Attiny-Duino.

What would you think about it's usage? For myself I would use it in the Insect bot to reduce the weight, costs and power comsumption.

UPDATE June 8 2012:

My first PCB since 1988 and I will call it AT-LUMI-TINY ;-) This board is still far from perfect (see the jumper wires) but it's my first 1-layer board created on the computer. 

Line robot sensor

Hey guys, i want to build a line following robot and I was scouring ebay for some sensors


I found these but I wasn't sure if they would work, as I haven't done this before. They're pretty cheap.

Second static test firing of DoubleSShot rocket motor failed big (again)

Second static test firing of DoubleSShot rocket motor failed big (again). CATO of the rocket motor.