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Nao Developer Program

For the robot software programmers out there, looks like Aldebaran robotics is starting a Nao Developer program (by invitation only, but some are available at this link:)


The neat part is that they'll be creating a "Robot App Store" eventually, exclusive to the robot developers. Should I apply... it costs 3600 euros to get a robot and development suite :S

Huzzah, I have returned from the dead.

After a really long absence, I am back.  I have just returned from a week vacation from Toronto, Canada.  I went out there on Nov 20, 2010 with Blaster Shark and a new sumo, Driller Shark (which I will post soon) to compete in the Canadian National Robot Games.  I placed 2nd with Blaster Shark, and Driller Shark failed hard because of some motor driver issues.  In the mean time while it get my photos and videos in order, enjoy the highlights from the masters mini sumo in the video.

My Project

I wanted to post a new video of my robot on here, but I didn't want to keep moving my project to the top of the front page, so I'll post my video here.

I used this music, because it's called Bring Me To Life



Challenging question

Every time I ask a question on here, I get lots of great answers. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the collective knowledge that must be on this site. It probably adds up to thousands of years of experience.

So, I'm going to pose another question, a hard question, to see if anyone can answer it. Just as an experiment.

Ok, here goes...

If a quark is travelling 3 nanoseconds below the speed of light. What to the power of R is its mass density?

It's Alive!

After finally getting all the parts and assembling my new uBotino board, it didn't work! So I grabbed my multimeter and began probing around to find the problem. Got my Dad to hep me since he spent his entire career in electronics. Apparently, this particular board had a couple of places where the etching didn't complete properly. Found a short on the input pin of the voltage regulator and a short on pin 14 of the motor driver.

First win, first fail

So, I got around to assembling my Arduino Ardumotor board. Although very straightforward, it was quite the experience because a) I didn't realize I had to hold down the button on the soldering iron to increase the heat (i.e. "why isn't it melting?" *crickets*) and b) I was so excited to figure out the button thing that I put my first component on backwards.

Anyway, eventually I got my board assembled and hooked up to the motors as per the Ardumoto Quickstart tutorial.  (Yay it moves!)

Acroban robot

Wow! I just came across this recent work from a research lab in France. As you can see in the video, the robot moves a bit like a child -- it's pretty cute.

Their robot has structural stability due in large part to their use of *drumroll* rubber bands! I like that their components are cheap and off-the-shelf. It would be cool to try and reverse engineer it... or I guess we could just ask them for the schematics... hmm...

Of course, some people still find it creepy. One girl told me it was as scary as puppets.

Glen the Stove Project --Raw Materials

When I have mentioned my Glen the Stove project in the past, no less than 4 people told me that they just didn't believe that A) we actually use coal to heat the house or B) that anyone still used coal as a heat source. People do, and a big truck delivers it. Really, I am posting this video here for no other reason than the lift mechanism on the truck is awesome... It not only tilts like a regular dump truck, but it is part scissor-lift as well. They driver said the bed part of the truck was over 60 years old! Too cool.

Peltier Pal project


This project hit several roadblocks. I'm still not sure how to address some of them.

3D Printing


Found this online and thought it may be of interest to people on here.


It's a 3D printer you can build yourself. It's a bit beyond my building capacity, but I'll bet there's people on here that can build one.

Thank you to all LMRers


Just a quick note to thank everyone on here who helped with my project.

My robot is now working just great apart from the flat battery, because I've been using it so much

Here's a video for anyone who's interested.

Thanks again,

The Bromz.

Getting started

Today is Arduino day.

Yesterday I zoomed around Osaka's electronics district looking for parts, a veritable scavenger hunt given that most stores advertising Gundam or airplane model kits sold only plastic figurines. What's up with a model airplane that doesn't move? Anyway.

Eventually I came across a triad of electronics stores that sold cables, boards and motors galore. How ironic that even in the robot capital of Japan I ended up with an Italian board. What do you expect, I guess, if that's the only package you can read.


CNC Machine V2 with RepRap Controller

I finally finished my Fireball V90 CNC build.  In May, I got the frame, and I planned to use the motors and electronics I purchased for upgrading the Valkyrie-clone CNC.  So I made some NEMA-17 to NEMA-23 adapter plates from CD-R disks, and got it all up and running.  It's running off 12V for now, with 24V planned in the future.


WHS Robotics Comps

The WHS Robotics group has a series of autonomous robotic competitions each year. Here's videos from those events.

These competitions force the students to think to solve the problems of the competitions. Which is a great thing.

Each team is playing for a pizza party for each monthly event win, and the team that wins the most games wins a college level robotic prize.

Pic simulation and debugging

I've had a university assigment using a pic and had a bit of a trouble to find an easy way to program and simulate for the 16F628A.

So I made this small video tutorial using Mikrobasic, Proteus and MPLAB.
You'll need this:

MikroBasic - http://www.mikroe.com/eng/products/view/9/mikrobasic-pro-for-pic/

ISIS - http://www.labcenter.com/download/prodemo_download.cfm

PICAXE IR sensor debugging music!

I decided to harvest a peizo buzzer off one of my many salvage boards to use while troubleshooting a new IR reflective breakout per Frits' description in Live Show #012. It works like a machine. I only fried one sensor (hasty connection straight to V+). Surface mount components are easy to replace though, thank The Maker. The video has everything but the sensor carnage.

Ahh, sound debugging \o/  I think I've entered my personal Golden Age of Robotics.  

Weather station project, it's getting windy

Believe it or not but this thing right here is a wind vane for my weather station:

"A wind vane"

LMR Live's Commitment to Quality

Always upgrading to bring you the best quality show you can get anywhere...

Propeller Journey 009

I2c is in the bag. Done.

Remote Controlled combat robot

Hello everyone and thanks for the help. I would like to know what kind of motors I would need for a rc vehicle to move around 5-10 pounds at max, If you could tell me how this torque thing and rpm applies to wieght and pulling ability I would extremely appreciate it. Also it needs to be able to handle tough terrains- mud, hills, debri, etc. - An outdoor fighter.

It will have a paintball or airsoft gun mounted on it and that i am thinking will be moved up and down by a servo and shot (the trigger pulled) by a servo also. 

Motor Mounts!

I was wondering what I could do with those aluminum plates that come on the bottom of those half-sized breadboards. They make nice motor mount material for very small motors! These are for my mini-sumo robot.

A bit frustrated for servo control of Arduino

Nice day but couple failures. Bad soldering work on my AeroBox and got bad luck on Arduino neither Mega board. Servos were just not acting right.

I guess something wrong in power output. I build hexapod before by using SSC-32 servo controller and it works fine. Perhaps the power drain went crazy from servo when they all act at once, sometimes they just stoped. Should I looking for servo shield with external power and some IC control the power drain?

Half a robot

Here is a robot I started a few weeks ago and I hope to actually complete this one.

I'm going to try to cobble together the brains of it out of what I have lying around, which is a couple of picaxe 20M & 08M's.


It has no particular purpose except as a test bed for some ideas.

I would also like to give it some character, ie: lights, sounds, servos waving around, etc.


Here is a bunch of photos of the construction process:

Weather station project, the beginning

I've been thinking about making a weather station for a while. My goal is to have it running when I go for a two week trip at the end of the year so I can check how cold it is back here in Finland :-) To put it simply, the idea is this (the usual weather station stuff I think):

Soap opera detection

Hello people.

I really need a robot, that'll detect when my wife's watching a soap opera on the tv, then drive into the room and change the channel to something more interesting, like Top Gear.

Any thoughs, let me know.


The Bromz.

Isn't Slow Motion / high speed filming the coolest?

UPDATE: Slomo fun here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23794

Hi guys,

I am playing around with the thought of making a little robot to put on the table after you had breakfast or something, it is supposed to work on the table while you take off the dishes.

Purpose is to scrape together all breadcrumbs, and place them nice in a corner for you to wipe off, before cleaning the table with a moist dishcloth.

Picaxe Net Server

Hey guys,

Is there anyone here who has already used the Picaxe Net Server module? :)

What was your experience?


Our first 'robot' circuit: What is this Component?

We've been working on a lot of basic circuits, just trying to understand basic electronics.  Almost all of our components are salvaged from old electronics, so it has been slow going, but we are learning a lot!

Dad and Kids embark on robot making

Hi.  We've been lurking for a while, and doing a lot of reading and studying, and we are about to embark on a real robot project.  We've been figuring out basic electronics, and just now starting to build some circuits that might help us understand better what is going on when we build a robot.  Of course, we want to have fun and build a cool robot, but we also want to understand why it is doing what it is doing!