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Weather station project, Radio silence!

Here's a quick project update: I've been busy with studies, work and other stupid things and I haven't had much time to spend with really important stuff - my weather station project. Now that I finally got more time and spent couple of nights building I got radio silence! Oh ****!

Building a multi servo robot

The parts arrived in the mail! Here they are:

A watched meter never boils

I would love to be able to have continuous readouts from my electricity meter in my home. Such a tedious job is time consuming and tedious. So I need a robot to do that for me.

New Parts YAY !!!!!!!!!!

Just got my Shipment of servo motors and brushless motors from Hobbycity.  Lets make robots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with openCV. I just downloaded and installed it and I was wondering if anyone knew what to do. I am mainly interested in the facial recognition part but it all seems really cool. Thanks for your help---Magykguy721

Genetic Programming and Walking the Dog

I have been thinking for a long time about how to harness the power of the internet into programming robots.  I can imagine a robot here which I give some form of task.  Let's say (and this would be relevant) finding a wall socket and plugging itself in.  The task of successfully identifying a wall socket, moving the robot to a correct location, and inserting some sort of plug would seem monumental.

presentation anxiety

I used to work as a techy in theatre, and loved the part where a artist would come to us with a vision or idea, and we had to transform it into actual stuff. They would come in and say "and in the end she is eaten by a dragon" And we'd set about making an exitpoint on stage with lots of fake fangs and fire and smoke, a couple of lamps indicating dragon eyes and scary noises over the speakers.

Well, I've stopped doing that now, but picked up a hobby along the way: robots.

We won

we are going to the state F.L.L. tourimant !!

So, I'm a nerd

At a famliy weekend.. Everyone is talking, talking, talking.. Uh, what is that? Some Lego.. Oh, and a rubber band.. Hmm, what was it about my camera, it could take low quality, but high speed movies?

Enjoy :)

Something silly to smile about.....


Just a bit of fun...




I got a room that me and my brother can use as a lab if we make it usable. We'll make it a place to hold our server and all electronics stuff. Here are some pictures, and I'll update this blog as I make improvements.

This is the entrance to the lab


Hexamine as an experimental rocketry propellant

Today I started to experiment with hexamine and KNO3 as an experimental rocketry propellant, but whatever mixture ratio I used the mixture was unable to combust. I thought maybe the KNO3 is too wet so I dehydrated it, but the result was the same. Ok, the only possibility was that they chemcial store sold me something else than KNO3. The container was sealed and the chemical symbol right, but who knows in China... I made a aqueous solution of the salt and electrolyzed it. Odor of chlorine...So my KNO3 is probably NaCl or KaCl.

Bench Test - GP2Y0A21YK

I little while back I was blogging about my mini-sumo project, the Pink Pearl, named after a brand of pink eraser I like. I had decided on the pink color because I believe, contrary to popular opinion, color does not matter at the mini-sumo scale. Here are the results of my first bench test using the Sharp GP2Y0A21YK (10-80 cm) sensor.

**Disclaimer - This test was not performed under highly controlled laboratory conditions, but by a robot geek in a garage.**

I just love the LMR people here!!

Just wanna say THANK YOU to all LMR people here to help me out to understand more about building robot and some good concept for electronic knowledge. Thanks to Paul, RobotX, Chris, Ezekiel, Anas, birdmun and all others whoever post on my topic. Month ago I am just a guy who build robots that doesn't really know how regulators, diodes works or even spell them. Still long way to go and lots of practices thou~

Hopefully I could be someone who can help new comers to build their dream, too.

University Library Robot Phase#1

it is required to build a line tracking robot for the university library. This Robot job is to return back the books to their shelves. in this phase the robot is not expected to bring the books from the shelves also it is not required to put the book in its correct place inside the shelf. it is required to take the book and lay it on its correct shelf then the librarian should put each book in its place.

Each book must have bar-code sticker contains the book ID code (or ISBN code) in the library. Also each shelf must have its bar-code label.

Breadboard Jumper Wires Conspiring with Resistance?

Yup, that's:
no black
not so brown
still no black
brown, finally

Canadian National Robotic Games 2010

Hello all,

I had a great time in Toronto for this years Robot games.  I managed to get 2nd place in the masters mini sumo competition with Blaster shark.  I made a new robot called Driller shark which I will post shortly in the robot section.  It didn't do that well, but all in all I had fun.  Here are the pictures.

Ordinary lunch kit?

cr2cX - The long story

cr2cX was born as a robotic platform to test and experiment various concepts of the robotics field.

Because I have designed and build a robot 16 years ago I considered that it will be useful to start again and teach my kid some things. I have taken the hard way by designing and building every module and piece of software. To be able to speed the building and experiments a little, I've taken some shortcuts:

A not so dumb but practical motor controller

I've been working on Leo's motorcontroller and reading a lot lately on bots.  It got me to thinking about using multiple uControllers to do multitasking.  I've slimmed down my original motor controller concept to just a PicAxe 14M, a L293D and some resistors. What makes this motor controller different is that it does more than just control the speed and direction of two motors for an indefinite amount of time.  It's possible during setup to make it that each command only last for five seconds or increments of five seconds.

Weather station project, The weather is out there

The weather is out there and so the weather station must be out there too. My weather station (or what will someday be a weather station) has now spent last two nights outside on my backyard. The idea is to test how it, and especially its lead acid battery, survives in cold weather.

Nao Developer Program

For the robot software programmers out there, looks like Aldebaran robotics is starting a Nao Developer program (by invitation only, but some are available at this link:)


The neat part is that they'll be creating a "Robot App Store" eventually, exclusive to the robot developers. Should I apply... it costs 3600 euros to get a robot and development suite :S

Huzzah, I have returned from the dead.

After a really long absence, I am back.  I have just returned from a week vacation from Toronto, Canada.  I went out there on Nov 20, 2010 with Blaster Shark and a new sumo, Driller Shark (which I will post soon) to compete in the Canadian National Robot Games.  I placed 2nd with Blaster Shark, and Driller Shark failed hard because of some motor driver issues.  In the mean time while it get my photos and videos in order, enjoy the highlights from the masters mini sumo in the video.

My Project

I wanted to post a new video of my robot on here, but I didn't want to keep moving my project to the top of the front page, so I'll post my video here.

I used this music, because it's called Bring Me To Life



Challenging question

Every time I ask a question on here, I get lots of great answers. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the collective knowledge that must be on this site. It probably adds up to thousands of years of experience.

So, I'm going to pose another question, a hard question, to see if anyone can answer it. Just as an experiment.

Ok, here goes...

If a quark is travelling 3 nanoseconds below the speed of light. What to the power of R is its mass density?

It's Alive!

After finally getting all the parts and assembling my new uBotino board, it didn't work! So I grabbed my multimeter and began probing around to find the problem. Got my Dad to hep me since he spent his entire career in electronics. Apparently, this particular board had a couple of places where the etching didn't complete properly. Found a short on the input pin of the voltage regulator and a short on pin 14 of the motor driver.

First win, first fail

So, I got around to assembling my Arduino Ardumotor board. Although very straightforward, it was quite the experience because a) I didn't realize I had to hold down the button on the soldering iron to increase the heat (i.e. "why isn't it melting?" *crickets*) and b) I was so excited to figure out the button thing that I put my first component on backwards.

Anyway, eventually I got my board assembled and hooked up to the motors as per the Ardumoto Quickstart tutorial.  (Yay it moves!)

Acroban robot

Wow! I just came across this recent work from a research lab in France. As you can see in the video, the robot moves a bit like a child -- it's pretty cute.

Their robot has structural stability due in large part to their use of *drumroll* rubber bands! I like that their components are cheap and off-the-shelf. It would be cool to try and reverse engineer it... or I guess we could just ask them for the schematics... hmm...

Of course, some people still find it creepy. One girl told me it was as scary as puppets.

Glen the Stove Project --Raw Materials

When I have mentioned my Glen the Stove project in the past, no less than 4 people told me that they just didn't believe that A) we actually use coal to heat the house or B) that anyone still used coal as a heat source. People do, and a big truck delivers it. Really, I am posting this video here for no other reason than the lift mechanism on the truck is awesome... It not only tilts like a regular dump truck, but it is part scissor-lift as well. They driver said the bed part of the truck was over 60 years old! Too cool.

Peltier Pal project


This project hit several roadblocks. I'm still not sure how to address some of them.