Let's Make Robots!


The end of Snapper

So I finally had the time to finish the Snapper. Its biggest problem was the power circuit. After making custom power circuit it was time to test. And big was my surprise if the robot didn't move. All the electronics were good, the servos worked, wheels rotated but the robot was still. After thinking and testing for a while I realised that all the weight (the batteries) was in the tail and the wheels were in the front. Oh, how stupid mistake is that. So that basically ment that I had to redo all the mechanics and come up with totally new design. Yea, damn.


Just got my boards back today. I did the seeedstudio 2x2 $20 deal and I guess I can't complain. No better or worse than SparkFun's boards, cheaper yes but almost 5 weeks to get them. At any rate, they are here and populated and work great. One of these guys is becoming a dedicated i2c servo-driver slave and another is going to be the new brain in the VEX transmitter. Super Nifty!

Phoenix Rising

Hi all!

A new year, a new reboot.

Valkyrie is officially dead, buried, gone ... RIP Valkyrie. 

She did her job, teaching me a lot of stuff about mechanics, electronics, programming and building stuff in general. 

Probably the most important thing I learned is to take your time doing stuff, because finishing fast does not always mean you finished good, sometimes you end up with a really crappy part and all work was in vane. Starting with  2011 I'll take the time to do it right, no mater how long it takes, if the end result counts.  

Hello guys... new machine!!!!!!

I am happy to tell you that i am almost done making my first Arduino powered CNC foam wire cutter!!!!!! it took me two days of work but now it works and it is cool!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning i will take some pics of it....


see ya...



My first autonomous beast

G'day guys, 

 well here's a pic, hopefully, of my beast. It's the LMR start here bot built around a couple of Pololou chassis and wheels/motors combo. Works extremely well and I've ordered some more bits to start on another couple.  I'll keep this one as is,   because it's my first born heh heh. Anything from here on is fair game for moding.

Ruminations on Rummaging

My colleagues have begun to notice my Monday morning glow. It all started when I began to want to build BEAM bots. The delight I take in going to the dump each weekend to pick through the "trade shack" for broken electronic filled toys is rarely matched.  What is not to like?

PzKw "Tammy"

Start me notI decided to do this Tamiya tankbot as a blog as there's been a few similar posts lately and It is probably one of the most common platforms about the net so I will see if I can do something different with it. But for starters I have built it like a start here robot although I will not call it that.
At the moment it is controlled by a pic16F690 but I intend to build different configurations using other micros as well.

Propellor Web Server

I have been battling for over 1 year to get a standalone simple webserver working (Arduino Based) ........Failed.

I have been battling for over 1 hour to get a standalone simple webserver working (Propellor Based) .....Total success.

okok maybe if i go back to the atmel version i am armed with more information.........


Its been a dream of mine to get an Internet controlled robot up and running - using its own dedicated Webserver.

Hardware Error on my first robot

For Christmas I got a Picaxe-28 project board, so now after being on this site for quite a while, I've finally got round to building my first proper robot. =D

I've been having great fun building and trying out various components on my robot, I was suprised by the small size of project board, it looks bigger in people's pictures.

MY AGV development platform


I decided to do this as a blog as I plan for this to be a long term test platform as I mess around with different tech along the way.

OK I started by buying this RC truck chassis on eBay:

It uses a 7.2v NiMH battery and powers the motor using an ESC that delivers a few AMPs of 6v through a BEC to power a transceiver and the steering servo. Instead of a transceiver, I am hooking up an Arduino Fio and various components, housing them in a project box:




Proposal of MoMo 0.9 with WiiDAR

Night light transformations

Ok, I've just bought a nice sun-moon wall thingey, which I am going to transfer into my night light . More than that, I will upgrade the functionality, that is, the moon will be functioning like old night light: light up for a minute when ambient light is down the threshold. But the sun will be lighting up if hand is being waived in front of it and stay on til another wave. And I hope to finish the transformation before the year end. :)

POV (persistence of Vision) from Hacked "Aircraft carrier marshalling light"

Take one Aircraft carrier marshalling light ..... or something you can pick up at the local supermarket for 10CHF(10dollars) like i did.

Hack the living daylights (joke intended) out of it.

Result =  4x8 neat LED rows..........plus a neat battery box,enclosure and strong magnet (for another project)

With a dremmel cut the positive tracks and expose some of the copper track

Gotta Start 'Em Young

I was putting together an order of PCB's to be made when my youngest, CharlieMac, became interested in the lay-out software I was using. I have to admit, it does look very cool when making a board --all those traces and pads, color coded... At any rate, I gave him a shot and he quickly (within 20 min) had figured out how the software worked. Being curious, I drew up a schematic on paper and gave it to him. Pretty simple, just a coin-flip circuit on a 08m. Ten minutes later, he had actually drawn it up... well! He got every connection correct.

Mysterious Tracks Appear in snow !!!!

Whats happening on Gs balcony ?

Off the track :- i need to ID this car and its year of manufacture - if anyone knows then please post a picture here and i will add you to the unofficial sponsors list........ really i am serious.

(But wait a moment - this project needs an MPU & motor driver - but which ones - what would you official sponsors send me haha)

I would like to reproduce this exact set up.........

Quadcopter begins


Well i finally went through with it and started on a quadcopter. I will probably just stick to doing RC with it but who knows, maybe one day i will make a quadcopter UAV.




Weather station project, Radio silence!

Here's a quick project update: I've been busy with studies, work and other stupid things and I haven't had much time to spend with really important stuff - my weather station project. Now that I finally got more time and spent couple of nights building I got radio silence! Oh ****!

Building a multi servo robot

The parts arrived in the mail! Here they are:

Propellor :- "Major Nichols" hits the Rollers - laser wheel encoder (Part 5)

One Etape closer.........

Decided it was time to try out my "Laser wheel encoder - Propellor Rig" with my actual racing bike :-

Starting to get the hang of the Propellors Display Gui.

Sporting in chronological order

A watched meter never boils

I would love to be able to have continuous readouts from my electricity meter in my home. Such a tedious job is time consuming and tedious. So I need a robot to do that for me.

New Parts YAY !!!!!!!!!!

Just got my Shipment of servo motors and brushless motors from Hobbycity.  Lets make robots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with openCV. I just downloaded and installed it and I was wondering if anyone knew what to do. I am mainly interested in the facial recognition part but it all seems really cool. Thanks for your help---Magykguy721

Propellor :- Laser Roller Install Part 4

Permanent install of laser/photo transistor brackets and circuit walk-though.

As the laser needs to be pretty "Solid",  i decided to install it using metal brackets.... so ......

..... it aint gonna move and miss-align whilst i hit 60Km/sec


Genetic Programming and Walking the Dog

I have been thinking for a long time about how to harness the power of the internet into programming robots.  I can imagine a robot here which I give some form of task.  Let's say (and this would be relevant) finding a wall socket and plugging itself in.  The task of successfully identifying a wall socket, moving the robot to a correct location, and inserting some sort of plug would seem monumental.

presentation anxiety

I used to work as a techy in theatre, and loved the part where a artist would come to us with a vision or idea, and we had to transform it into actual stuff. They would come in and say "and in the end she is eaten by a dragon" And we'd set about making an exitpoint on stage with lots of fake fangs and fire and smoke, a couple of lamps indicating dragon eyes and scary noises over the speakers.

Well, I've stopped doing that now, but picked up a hobby along the way: robots.

We won

we are going to the state F.L.L. tourimant !!

So, I'm a nerd

At a famliy weekend.. Everyone is talking, talking, talking.. Uh, what is that? Some Lego.. Oh, and a rubber band.. Hmm, what was it about my camera, it could take low quality, but high speed movies?

Enjoy :)

Something silly to smile about.....


Just a bit of fun...




I got a room that me and my brother can use as a lab if we make it usable. We'll make it a place to hold our server and all electronics stuff. Here are some pictures, and I'll update this blog as I make improvements.

This is the entrance to the lab


Hexamine as an experimental rocketry propellant

Today I started to experiment with hexamine and KNO3 as an experimental rocketry propellant, but whatever mixture ratio I used the mixture was unable to combust. I thought maybe the KNO3 is too wet so I dehydrated it, but the result was the same. Ok, the only possibility was that they chemcial store sold me something else than KNO3. The container was sealed and the chemical symbol right, but who knows in China... I made a aqueous solution of the salt and electrolyzed it. Odor of chlorine...So my KNO3 is probably NaCl or KaCl.