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Bandit @ 13:00 - Part 4 XBees (Plus Extra :- EPP Flying practice)

Project "Depron" took one leap forward , with the successful implementation of the XBee Pros and Servo mechanisms.

This is a key part of the project, which means that i can now rest easy that i have 1.5Kms of control over the plane.

It was no easy task to find compatible libraries for the Serial & Servo control,

In the end a combo of the NewSoftSerial.h and ServoTimer1.h was the perfect match for the XBee Pros, the whole system is running rock steady @ 38400Baud (@momo).

Starting with .NET Micro Framework

My current project is a start here robot with .NET Micro Framework using a FEZ Domino board from GHI Electronics. The FEZ Domino is pin compatible to Arduino, but has more processing power (ARM7 core with 72MHz clock), 3 UART, 2SPI USB host and micro SD-Card support.

After building some Arduino based robots I think it's time for a change. Before I start build the robot itself some testings were needed to find out if the FEZ Domino is a worthy successor for the Arduino and can I use my existing Arduino shields.

Airplane Suggestion For a UAV

Hey guys,

Gareth and I were talking planes and UAV's the other day so I posted a quick video for him to watch showing one of my planes and why I thought it would be a good choice for a UAV. He suggested I post it for all, so I am.

The plane in the video is a Sky Surfer from Banana Hobby. Now, I personally hate Banana Hobby, but I must admit that this is one great deal on a plane... $160 gets you the plane, TX, charger, a brushless and an extra battery. The Sky Surfer is a rip-off of a Easystar which has been around for years.

UAV project

so, im designing/ building a uav. today i should be ordering parts. it will avoid obstacles, land itself on walls when the battery's too low, run ino walls to land, and be able to push itself off walls. it will not use a microcontroller originally, but ill add one over time, along with other fun things. heres my cad-

Rip DVD to mp4 --Suggestions?

Hey guys,

Just a simple question: Do any of you guys have a suggestion for a free chunk of software to rip a dvd to divx or mp4? Mp4 would be great! I just don't want to have to go through 1000 free downloads that just turn out to be spyware and adware. I am on a PC, by the way.  --Thanks for any suggestions.


--I should add that I need it to have an unlocker as well.

About me

I am a 55 year old computer programmer with 35 years experience as a systems programmer. During that time, I have programmed in over 40 languages professionally.

In the Air Force, I was a ICBM mechanic as a civilian, I started out as an electronics engineer but was so distracted by the idea of programming that I took it up full time. Consequently, I have been able to strattle the fence, one foot in software, the other in hardware. Nowhere has this been more beneficial than in the robotics world.

Retro Game Development

Doug Dingus (potatohead in the Parallax forums) has written an article about retro game development using the Propeller - he interviewed me and Jim Bagley and did a great job summarizing the Prop.  We also kicked in 5 El Jugadors to give away to readers.  Classic VGM has made a special preview version of the article here;

Hello, new member here

Hi everybody,

Just registered here after browsing the site for a while. I've read a few electronics courses at university and done some basic soldering, but mostly I'm a newbie. I'm from Sweden, 25 years old, and started programming in QuickBASIC when I was 13, and moved along most of the popular languages.

Bandits @ 12:00 Operation "Depron" (Will Gareth take to the Air)

After a long absence from flying gliders and control-line aeroplanes, i have decided to take to the air again, with the experience/inspiration and ideas from LMR - i think i have enough guts to start right from scratch.

Yes you guessed it ........ this is not an "Off the Shelf" model, this will be a complete self build from solid floor to fluffy cloud.....

Soldering Iron Score

Yup, found it at a garage sale for 3 bucks! --Nice little upgrade from my $7 radio shack iron!

Walter: Virtual Control Panel

Just a quick update on what I've been working on. I am building a virtual control panel with Processing and the controlP5 libraries. The video is pretty self-explainatory, and understand what you are seeing is a work in progress as is the code attached. If you go through the code, you will quickly see a lot of stand-in values and lables that still need to be gone through, but never the less, the "system" is rock-solid. I think that's it...

Word to ya motha'

B5 progress

Whatup gays,

Calculon just wanted to drop a line and share his progess on his B5 (the Backyard Beverage Buddy BBot) project. He started his project last fall as his entry into the XMOS challenge. The idea is basically a cooler on wheels that rolls around Caluclon's backyard and offers beverages to people. That's still the general plan, but the scope has changed slightly.

B5 1.0 features the following:

Oh my am I ever excited

Good news everybody!

I'm new. My name's Cam. I've never built a robot or any electronic circuit but for some reason I'm super-confident that I'll be awesome at it.


I have a little bit of scripting/coding experience, I'm hoping at least some of that translates over to robot building. I'll have a heap of help at least to start off with from a friend of mine, he's never built robots either, or really done much in electronics, but he's an engineer ooh wow

Rout-X, my CNC router

Long time ago, about 5 years I think, I started looking up DIY CNC machines. I bought the 4 axis EZ Driver combo kit from Hobby CNC, together with the CNC plan they had at the time. But I didn't had time to order the acme screws and linear bearings and I left USA and returned to Romania. Over there, I had an attempt after this site, but it didn't came out good as I did some mistakes.

Attiny 3 channel servo controller

So, i'm too lazy to make tip or whateva so i just upload the video, code and text.

I made the usermap work!

Wow, after user # 10.000 or something, the user map did not work for me. By chance I just tried, and somehow it worked (after freezing in 5 minutes)

Here we are: (note that more persons from same city without specific address makes more dots right on top of each other)


Mystery Summer Object 2010 (now revealed)

Summer Mystery Object time is here :-

What on earth does this "Something Else" device do ?........... what sane or  more fitting .... insane guesses do you have.

(at long last  my Avatar picture becomes clearer, dont let that distract you though, if you look carefully there are extra clues in the pictures)

Update1 :- Speed/Direction & Duty Cycle Potentiometers added

Update2 :- Binary Coded Switch installed - to help with the patterns - and two Hacked Nokia Lipos for "On the Road" use.

project in robots

i want to do project in ROBOT.i need some help guide me with basics

Hard copies, data entry and hard drive failure...

I knew it was going to happen. I thought about backing up many times. It's not like I don't have the space --a couple "deck of cards" USB hard drives, other machines and a terabyte of server space. But no, I didn't simply throw my "picaxe" folder anywhere but on my lappy.


A while ago i was looking at some websites which helped beginners build robots. I came across two prominent sites and checked their Start here(first) robots. I found that LMR had an easier to build start here robot which i could have fun building. But there was one major problem, i could not solder. The next day i got some parts for my start here robot from Techsupplies UK and the same day, i went to a local electronics store and bought a cheap 4$ solder iron and 45gram solder with a 1$ de-soldering manual vacuum pump and a stripbard and some male header pins.

GPS receiver board $9.95 with free shipping

I just bought a bunch of these units and thought I would let you know I have them available at a great price.

LMR won't allow me to paste the link here. Go to Ebay and search on Ublox GPS Receiver Board.


Does anyone speak Latin around here?

I am soon to get another tattoo and I want it in Latin. This will be on the back of my neck, just above a tee-shirt and just below a proper button-up shirt with a collar. Obviously, I don't want this to happen.

I have had this particular phrase with me for a while now and I stuck it into a simple online translator.

Performance Feedback Revision (this didn't translate so I went to performance observation revision.

and I get:

Demoscene video

A demo of Linus Akesson's Turbulence demo on the Propeller Platform. Links;

Linus' site (with demo code) linusakesson.net/scene/turbulence/index.php

The Shoppe at Wulfden (makers of the VGA module for the Propeller Platform)

Mystery Object Time again

Yes its that time again...........Mystery object to be identified

What is it and how will it be used ?  (wild guesses also encouraged).

Only clue is that its for my latest Picaxe project (would you believe), and promises to be a cool addition ..... when its programmed..

Ok..... i could not wait to post some Video of Basic System

My Boss

Yup, this is who I work for and why I love my job. --And because you guys are electronic geeks, the actual unit specs were 9000v, 400mA output.