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Attempt At Making Robot Wheels

Hey guys,

It has been a while since my last post.  The Vulcan Five is not looking too good beacuse of the PCB fiasco.  I'm trying to salvage that situation, but its going slowly.  So unfortunately for this coming up competition it will not be entered.

However recently I have been experimenting with making my own robot wheels for maximum grippage on my sumos.  Here are some puctures of the results.

V3 - Borg it is!

Hi all!

Here is quick rendering on how V3 will lokk like :) Almost finished the design, still little things to take care of, I can start cutting soon.


Has a Borg feeling to it :D 


Update - Z-axis

Or how to get from this:









Looking for Feedback on PICaxe Platform Module

I've been working a PICaxe platform module.  I did a V1 a few months ago, and recently re-did it.  Here's a prototype of V2;


I've used the same power stage as the Propeller Platform sD - it's 5v @ 1.5A and 3.3v @1.5A with an extremely low dropout of 100mV.  Standard power and programming jack, and it has power indicator lights.

I need to make a few changes, so I thought I'd get additional feedback.

The Sparkler

Recently a funny robot idea came into my mind - The Sparkler.

What does it do?

The Sparkler is a tank track robot. It drives around and waits till you clap your hands. If you clap your hands, it puts a sparkler out of its container (similar like a quiver for arrows), lights it off, waves during the sparkler burns and throws the spent sparkler then away. Yes, defenitely outdoor enviroment is recommanded. And I rememeber now, Picaxe has the music tone playing option "Happy Birthday". What a birthday surprise!

Mindstorm NXT 2.0 N900 - Twitter-controlled Robot

Nokia ran a competition that asked hackers and modders to push their new device, the N900, to its limits.  Judges selected the three best submissions and one of those was 'NIKO The N900 Robot' - a robot controllable through commands on Twitter built out of Lego NXT Mindstorm 2.0.

FIRST Ny regional

So i've been a little inactive lately, due in part to my involvement in my schools robotics team, but i'd thought i post a few pictures from our competition over the weekend at the javits center. Not exactly the greatest pictures but the competition was really cool.


Sorry it's taken me so long to update.

A little more on the robots:

Electric Bike - WIP

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48476919@N08/sets/72157623504149065/ 

I'm starting work on an electric bicycle. I put an ad on Craigslist last night for a bike in any shape - and ended up getting two bikes for $20 that are in pretty good shape. One is missing a pedal... but that's all.

my very First bot - eYandron1





My very first encounter with electronics - a very simple manually controlled robot. The main brain controlling it is a Attiny2313 + a motor driver board based on TIP122 transistors. At the time when I built this, I had no idea about a chip called L293D!

SolderJunkie Construction


Hi, I have started work on project named SolderJunkie. I want it to be a motorized solder fume extractor. He is going to use a Picaxe 28x1 as his brain, DAGU IR compound eye, few servos and CPU cooler for parts. I only started construction of mechanics, so far. Here is his first pic:


Automated Light Switch - Laziness Prevails!

The Video explains all.

This is my automated light switch, built in a little under 2 hours. Just one application that a servo can be used for.

The servo is just mounted on some hastily cut masonite, the triangular brackets are just glued to the main board with PVA, and everything else is held together with double sided foam tape.





Quick mock-up of IR obstacle avoider.

What is it?

This is a quick mockup used to test the IR obstacle detection circuit which came out of this forum topic:


It uses this circuit:


Simple Optical/Rotary Encoder Generator

Was building a simple Rotary Encoder for the ARP platofrm yesterday. Could not find a simple tool to generate the pattern according to my needs, there were some Postscript based tools but they did not work on Windows.

So here is my little script to generate it ...

PHP Code:

header("Content-type: image/gif");
$size = isset($_GET['size'])?intval($_GET['size']):200;
$size1 = isset($_GET['size1'])?intval($_GET['size1']):0;
$count = isset($_GET['count'])?intval($_GET['count']):10;

Supersonic Golf Ball

Well, good news everybody! I have managed to get a team of people together that are willing to pool resources together for construction of a high energy supersonic Golf Ball cannon, complete with remote electrical control and operation. The Cannon will feature complete autonomous reloading of the barrel. I will have to create large quantites of gun cotton, otherwise known as nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose has been used as a propellant and explosive for many years.

Turning my RC Jeep into a robot...

A few weeks back I bought an RC Jeep at Walgreens with the intention of turning it into a nice little bot. However, when I took it apart and realized that it was all surface mounted parts, my heart sank a bit as I don't really know what I'm doing...

Hard disk - click of death

And there goes my  hard drive :/

Binary Clock Parts

Hey guys, I was thinking of making a binary clock. I don't want this to end up being the typical Dent work- I want this to be good looking and long lasting. It's going to be hung up on one of our walls, so I must be very precise.

Right now, I'm trying to find the right parts. I'll be spending my parent's money after all, so I want this to stay cheap (but still look good!) and I wanna get all the right parts the first time around. 

Propeller Platform SD, Almost done

I've been cooking up a new Platform Module - this is the Propeller Platform SD.  First the basics;

The Beginning

So, I'm new here and thought I would start out with a blog. I'm an electrical engineering major at Clemson University trying to get into a robotics technical depth. I've been looking around this site and many others for the past couple weeks to try and get some more hands on experience than I have been getting in the class room. Last week, I finally took the plunge and started buying some robotics equipment. It seems like I have found a pretty expensive hobby.

Seen on the Parallax Forums

Saw this in the Parallax forums (Thread), it's called the PropPad mini, and it's a Propeller with a nice hi-res tft display.  Looks like tripp has a few for sale, too - they're $100 which sounds pretty fair to me.




About me - Hide n Seek Bot

Hey all :)

 I'm new to LMR been browsing here for the past week or so and loving it! So I thought I might post a blog entry telling you all a bit about myself and what I have planned in the future for my robotics projects :)

About Me


This doesn't really have anything to do with robots, but can you boot a PC from two RAIDed together 4gb flash drives? I'm thinking of doing some hackintoshing, but I don't have a >8gb USB flash drive. Thanks!

Swiss Milka Cow ......"BlueTooth"......... Enabled

At long last there is Light at the End of the Tunnel (laser Light that is).

The BlueTooth Link is established to my Swiss "Milka" Cow.

This means i can control it remotely and also Gleam off the amazing info that the Wii-Mote has to offer.

What you see in the Video is the first BlueTooth remote drive tests and also a glimpse at the "Visual-Basic" Gui that will control the Cow based on what it reads from the Scanning Laser (which is picked up by the Wii-Mote camera)

The perfect recipe

Some say I know all about computers... Some say I love my hardware more than my girlfriend... All i know is that my desk is always filled with laptops with different OSes, wires, bare PCB's, components and an arduino. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a robot!

Making of LadyBugBot clone

[See updates and videos on the bottom of this page]

Isotope's LadyBugBot looked like fun to make so I thought to give it a try. Also, this bot would make a great gift to someone having a kitchen renovated and I just happen to know one :-)

PCB milling


I finally got an usable result trying to mill PCB with my machine. 

I tested using this Eagle PCB layout:











I then generated g-code out of it using the pcb-gcode eagle plugin with the settings below:






Blog posters



I run www.bitsforbots.co.uk and am currently looking for people to post articles on there, the articles will be tips, tutorials and general developments in the robot world.


If anyone is interested please email me at: johnedgell@gmail.com


thank you. 

A thought for using the tristate capability of (some) picaxe pins

After reading Nuumio's tip, and reading some of the efforts by oddbot, nuumio and ignoblegnome, I was wondering if is possible to take advantage of the tristate config of the picaxe pins using only one transistor for each pin. I was really just trying to reduce the component count.. or more usefully, the SIZE of the board and it's cost.


Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five PCB

My PCB is finally finished however there is one major problem with it.