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Big bot parts on the way :-)

I have no name for it yet, but I am building a bigger robot.  Over a year ago before I even started on iGor I built a 10"x8.8"x12" aluminum frame box, intending for it to be the body of a robot.  I think now after several smaller robots I'm ready to continue with that one.  So here is an idea of what i am gonna do


2x12V lynxmotion motors with R/C truck tires and 2x desk chair type casters


12v SLA battery


yet another blog

I ran across LMR while looking for something else. Information content zero. :)

I've been twiddling with hobby robotics for a few years. I've thrown together quite a few kits and have only recently started to DIY.

My main interests are the AI/software aspects which I've been tinkering with for quite a few years.

I'm a fan of plan-directed robots -- e.g. starting with "constant world" ideas like STRIPS but working my way to noisy time-varying adversarial environments like the neighbourhood sidewalks.

Base station - specifications

The Base module (BM) provides

  •     beacon + heading assistance (v1)
  •     charger (v1)
  •     calibration (v2)
  •     USB (v1)

It is laid on the floor and is powered by the nearest outlet.

The robot must have the corresponding localization hardware and software. These elements should be as light (physically and for resources) as possible.

Guess what I'm Building?

Guess what I'm Building?

Scoots Plan

Well im starting to make a robot named Scoots and it will be in like a bowl with LED Eyes and will be like a beetle bot. Since im a scavenger and i hate buying stuff above 10/20 $ i will make it only from parts in my house or cheap junk i bought.

Walking Robot / Vehicle Project


Progress can be found here.

I'm building a robot designed to carry a human from one place to another with a bipedal robot.

Right now, progress is slow: Money is a huge issue.  Since a very important part of the robot just broke, I'm set back another 50-100 dollars on top of an already needed $200.

My youtube channel




Thanks for your intrest.

Greetings from RoboDays 09

Hi everybody :)

I was invited to exhibit on the annual RoboDays, in Odense, Denmark this year

It was quite cool, because I got to meet so many of the youtube-famous robots (and their builders) out there. Some shown in the video, but of course I did not have time to go around and film a lot, having my own stand (and 500 kids wanting to touch stuff and drive cars into each other)..

My first blog entry and first robot

Hello LMR. I am pretty new to the site. I used to lurk around here just because I liked the videos of robots, but eventually it sucked me in. I made a start here bot but wrote my own code which I am still working on. I am pretty good with coding and am looking forward to doing more advanced stuff. My camera is broken ATM but I'm going to borrow someones camera to make a page in the robot section with pictures and video.

For now though I'll give you guys the code I wrote in case anyone is interested. I can add descriptions if anyone wants but it's pretty self explanitory.

Swarm AI beginnings (XMOS Competition)

Last Update: 13/10/09 XK1 first look pictures.

My XK1 arrived this morning via Japan post. Being so close to Hong Kong I might be the first :P But they were sent out on the 9th so those people waiting on one should go check your post box!


OddBot, Claudia, DAGU... they just rock...

Jeez, i ordered from DAGU 20 mini servos one week ago... and i already received them! That's even faster than most of the sellers in my own country!

So thanks to them, and thanks to OddBot who took the time to think about my special needs and perfectly fulfilled them, saving me a lot of time (and money!)


Here on LMR we are really lucky to have them all... :D

3D scanning/artificial robot vision

This image was created via data from a sharp IR sensor and maxrobotics sonar, mounted on a pan/tilt servo setup.


The "real" image is not taken from the same perspective as the robot - as the robot has over 180 degree field of view (sorta, for the middle 1/3rd of the screen) it was pointless to try to replicate its view with a cameraphone.


Where is Jklug80?

So a few have noticed that I have not been on as much lately. Long story short we bought our first house which needed some work. A week prior I decided to go back to school for degree number 3. This time a masters in Computer Science. One class I am taking is Mobile Robotics. Our first project (we present it tomorrow and work on documentation) is a Rube Goldberg type device. The project must use 7 energy transfers from non electrical devices (marbles, dominos, etc hitting each other) and 3 electronic (sensors, motors, etc).

Parts List (Oddbot or Claudia, Help please)

8 Mr. Basics

14 Micro servos

1 set of sensor mounts

1 Magnifier thingy

1 LCD Screen

10 servo extension cables...

what would be the total price, with shipping, for all this. what is the benefit of the new Mr. Basic Board?

A word to anyone in the XMOS or Mr. Basic Challenges:

Fear me!

mr Dozer

im redoing brainy basic into a much better robot.
ive looked and learnt with robotics this summer, ditching the picaxe which i didnt get on with for the arduino.
basically he will be a bulldozer but with attitude.

XMOS Challenge : ONR robot beginnings

Description of the ONR (maybe a real name TBA)

This robot is to navigate outdoors from point to point, possibly going through a series of predetermined points. Point location can be marked by traffic cones, GPS coordinates, or other orienteering markers as detailed in various contests like Robomagellan or the DPRG outdoor contests.  Requirements include finding and recognizing the point, as well as negotiating any obstacles between points, and maintaining a remote stop.

Mr. Suspense

Just starting a build blog for the Mr. Basic Challenge II.  When I get some more progress I will post pics and make a robot page.

I'm still developing ideas, but I liked Gareth's work on a suspension system for the original Mr. Basic Challenge, so I'm starting with that.  My suspension will use steel cable instead of polymorph for a flexible power transfer system.  Ultimately,I want to try a four wheel independent suspension, but I will start with the front axis being on one suspension platform and the rear on another.

Work has begun

I'm adding this as a blog entry rather than a new robot project because its still somewhat in the design phase. I started working on my project board today, installing a bi color LED, l293D, as well as wiring it up to the programming jack. The only reason the 293D has nothing hooked up is because i'm waiting till tomorrow so I can run out to radioshack and pick up some screw terminals for the motors.


Garage cleaning

Been digging all the stuff out of the garage that got buried after the move for this thing.  My main pic for the robot entry is after I took it all apart and cleaned off all the surface rust from moisture.  I had no idea that area was that wet.  I had the thing surrounded by cardboard boxes, and they all look fine.  Damn humid Ohio.

Spam and spammers

It's been discussed often before and long after this thread dies. Spam. We hate it. Period.

Is there anything else or anything more we can do together to stop it?

All suggestions are welcome. Spam is not. 



This project is based on my picaxe version of the mini ir beacon.

Some ideas to expand on this are:

Addition of phototransistors to sense an ir signal and aim the com portion of the beacon towards the target. This could be effective for transmitting location data or possibly map dataThe beacon could possibly have a link to a base station to report on bots in the vacinity.

Addition of a distance sensor for inital maping of local. This may be ommited as it adds extra detail that may not be useful.


Been gone/ working the entire summer and I finally got around to placing my sparkfun order. Parts for the new bot : )



See you guys around

My first one

Yeah, I'm a LMR member.

I will be posting some of my old work shortly.
And i'm working on a small delta robot right now, as a weekend project.

Hope to get someting online soon.

Cheap & Easy Speech For Robots

I am always on the search for cheap hackable devices for robots. I have found a couple here you can use to add cheap, easy, and unlimited speech to your robot.


 SMACK TALK for X-Box 360                                                        Promo for "SAW III"


Basic progress

Here are a map of parts in the Mr. Basic kit

Mr.Basic manual page 3
So far I've dicharded:
The wheels (13&14)
The bumper (17)
The battery holder (18)
The front axle shift metal fixer (20)

and I've mutilated/hacksawed/drilled:
an Axis joint device (5)
both Front axles(7)
The Chasis (11)
one Decelerated pinion chassis (12)

And I know some of the copper tubes (22&23&24) have a dark future ahead dating my trusted hacksaw.

Today will bring moderate love/hate relationship feelings

As a pseudo appendage to yesterday's rant on swarmobotic's without saying anything that might risk bringing dissapointment to people if this doesn't come full circle or even vaguely to fruition:



Been losing sleep over this little fellow:



>_< need more chips


//end appendage rant


 With low hanging clouds of pitchblack insanity.

or continued:

Docking Station for IsoBot02

Good evening, LMR! Last month or so I had some time to do little progress on my Docking station for IsoBot02. I have fixed IR beacon inside the base. Picaxe 28x1 makes it continiously emit signals.


And after hours of searching around my house, I found proper housing for IR reciever to be fixed on back of 02. Yes, he will be doing reverse parking :)


Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes I really hate the internet.

I assume anyone who's been around for any period of time has experienced the "Honey, I really think we should sell the car and start taking the subway to work...you know...for the enviorment...by the way, did you see where I put the creditcard?"  or "Do we really need two kids? the big ones already moved out but the lill' one just sits there and screams all day..." thanks to some new funky gadget of massive nerdy blinghood. You know one of those day's you just wished you lived in a cave.

Humm B

I Finaly Started The Humm B.

This is an ongoing project that will change over time

i will post pictures soon (I hope) 

i still need to figure out a good motor reversing circuit that will work with a pic.

I plan to use pics to controle the basic operations and sencors in a sort of nural network. perhaps adding a big brain at some point.

some wimpy code for a 16f84a pic, I just learned how to program these. It is just a bump sensor thing for the moment.:


Printable Arduino manual with ALL commands

Well I now have received my first arduino (duemilanova), having used PICAXEs for a few years,  but have a problem.

I do not have internet at home, where I do the programming, and cannot find a printable version of the arduino language manual (if there is one!).  I download a couple of basic 'beginners' manuals and printed them off, as well as the extended language reference.  My main problem comes in that some of the examples seem to be using commands not in the extended reference. 


Laser Tag and Recoil


It's me and my laser tag project again. This time you'll read about me trying to find a solution to simulate the recoil of real weapons to make laser tag more realistic and cool to play.

First part of the page will be, as usual, the brainstorming part. That means that i really do not know what i'm gonna use for the recoil mecahnism (and if i will be using one, if it gets too complicated or costly i'll just abandon this idea) so i ask you for suggestions.

 What does it have to do to properly simulate recoil?: