Let's Make Robots!


Blinking an LED in about 5 to 10 minutes

Earlier today got a FedEx delivery of a MakerShed order placed last week. Toys!


 One particular toy was a new Arduino Duemilanove. Had to see what made the Arduino popular.


Edwards circuit board

I got some questions from Adobi123 on the design of the board I built for Edward. I dont have any schematics cause it was done on the fly by laying the components on the board and trying out which locations would fit best. Anyway; I made a description of the components I used and I'll link some of them to relevant pages with documentation.

The board

ubuntu & atmega

So my pickit2 kept failing, even with only pic in circiut. FinallyI got fed up of pics and windows. I deleted windows, moved to ubuntu, took out mu usbasp and atmega88. Tried to get pickit analyser (like computer oscilloscope) working on linux but it seems impossible, so I have to use windows computer for that. I also found out that linux + pic programming = big no no.


My UAV ideas

I've been reading this site for the past week or so, and it has really inspired me to get more into robotics. I've had a couple of ideas for robots that I want to make in the future, I am going to start of with fritsl's starting robot, but I just wanted to share some of my future ideas to see what you guys think.

new project: the critter in the terrarium

 the idea is simple

there is a terrarium (a box)

inside the terrrarium there is a critter which lives forever

the terrarium have a refuel station able to recharge critter batteries

1) when the critter is full of energy it lives:

roam the terrarium and interact with enviroment :respond to sounds, make sounds,  blink lights according ecc

it's able to detect environment light level then respect a day/night behaviour cyle

2) when the critter is low battery it head to refuel station and acquire electrical lock with it

A little help with processing code...

alright I started with some sample code and it worked great -- I was able to left and right click on the square and send one of 2bytes via serial to my picaxe board. Here is the sample code:

Robot Fight!

So, Ok.  The SES had a bit of an unfair advantage.  But hey.  The plastic linkage controlling the gripper on the Lynx 6 broke when I over extended the gripper picking up an object.   Why did I take the time to pick up a roll of yellow duct tape during a fight?  Well, the Lynx 6 was already moslty incapacitated, and  I thought the Lynx 6 might need it.    

Always bring a roll of duct tape to a robot fight!  :)

It's all good though.  I have a replacement on order, and the Lynx 6 will come back for round 2! 

bluetooth com and processing language rig

These are the source files related to the setup I mentioned in CTC's post about wireless serial com.


Reposting info on the setup just for ref.

Alrighty, ctc, got the rig working. The setup is the following:

<ir beacon> transmitting byte sequence from 1-9

<relay station> picaxe 8m with ir receiver showing correct data in the debug window.

Transmitting the byte sequence received from ir beacon via bt to my desktop running the processing code.

First Serial Comunication!!

Alright guys, I have my first serial conection comunication going!! Picaxe to Processing via serial/USB. I don't have this up to youtube, instead I did a quick post to Phreadz. Here is the link:



Just like Voodoo, I got some code working as well. The first video has the picaxe spitting out 4 bytes (randomly picked by me when I wrote the code) as I hit one of the 3 buttons. Processing then takes these numbers and draws 1 of 3 lines.

DIY CNC router project

04/06 Update

Motors and driver chips arrived in a package with some stuff for other projects today. Can`t find much information about the motors online and they have some marks on the body but they should work great. I`ll breadboard a circuit up to test the motors later.


Tiny adventures in motor control

Since my last blog entry about using timers and interrupts on the Atmel Tiny 26P, I have put together a driving lego monster with homemade dual h-brigdes that in principle should be able to eat something like 25A or so - of course the wires used are not able to carry that much current but hey I only had those IRF540 and IRF9540 hexfets lying around :-).The controller is still the Tiny26P and my goal is to make this my I2C enabled motor driver for later use with other stuff.

Live Phidget Cam

Check it out here if you're interested: http://semicton.com/SandBox/PhidgetInternetLamp/PhidgetCam/tabid/101/Default.aspx

IPCamera and my phidget Internet lamp.

Having a few problems displaying images from my IP camera. Seems when I use AJAX to update the image every 3 seconds, my server is caching the image from my IP camera, so I've decided to just give a direct link. I'll work out the image problem later.

Dancing Robot?

This is a response video to Trossen Robotics GREAT April Fools day video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Mikq5lMDc

My SES arm with Phidgets is still learning how to dance! He needs just a little bit more soul fo' sho! Give the lil' robot another 6-12 months and it's gonna be disco fever!!! Give him a few more days, and this lil' robot is gonna be sporting a new yellow jacket, and a long black mullet for head banging!



New Project Board

hmm didnt read wihle writing this, its rather long. Skip to the bold to see my questions


Alrighty well i know you guys havent seen it but i did end up finishing the start here bot and it works... cept it has no wheels. Obviously it wouldnt be very intreasting to post a video of that so when i do end up making another order from solarbotics ill be sure to pick up the wheels (hopefully soon, youll see).

Robot and sexy naked girl

Ok first, sorry for the cheap (but yet effective) marketing trick with the title... apparently, it worked, if not you wouldn't be reading this ^^

The thing is, with my clock (don't forget the "l") i take part in a web-realization contest, and the vote starts today...

ATV-360 spy toy tank platform

My next robot project will be a tank based plattform, but first I need to finish YAABR. After I see this spy toy at Amazon I need to buy one. It is a very good fabricated toy and also very pricy. I paid 50€ for it at myby.com, at Amazon you get it for 56$. For that money you get a tank platform with wireless video camera (320x240 bw, 2.4GHz) and microfone, a RC control (27MHz) and a head-up Display with LCD screen and ear phone. Not bad.

It's Christmas!

When i told my little brother's boss that i was starting to make robots, he answered me "well, i used to do a lot of electronics when i was younger, i may have some stuff that could be useful to you", and i was like cool, i'm gonna have a bunch of resistors... And that's what he gave me :




Modifying picaxe8 proto boards to fit your needs.

Since my projects contain a lot of 08m procs, I decided a while back to grab a couple of the proto boards for for fun and experimentation. With these boards I also wanted to be able t o reuse them after doing some experimenting with them as we all know desoldering can be a chore.

So here are a couple of ways I'ved moded the proto boards.

1. Choped the proto side off of the board, added a set of male header pins and rewired the power lines. Also used the proto side of the board for a 6+v to 5v regulated via ldo reg.

Custom project board in progress...

Hi, I have a spare PICAXE 28x1 and L293D that I want to use for my first custom built circuit. But i have no clue what to do!!! The diagrams on the Picaxe website are so confusing and the ones in the manuals only show the pinouts. Can I just hook up 4.5 volts? Or do I need fancy shmancy support circuitry like capacitors and stuff? 

Thanks guys! 


I have a diagram of the L293D and it is nice to have, but very confusing.


mini ir beacon

So this is the mini ir beacon I've had mulling around but never got around to building one....or finally built it. I'll post the current code for this in a bit.

The circuit is pretty basic in that it just uses a picaxe, an ir emitter, led, some resistors and a npn transistor. Ialso wanted to keep it small(hence the mini) so decided to use some lr44 batteries to get around 4.5v out. The battery holder was fashioned out of some 18ga colid copper wire which does a great job of holding things together.

 The setup

Got My New Computer!!!!!

It's a MSI Wind U120 and it kicks the most ass. --Watch the video at your own risk...

TJ snow angels and pulley kebab


Today I decided on the arrangement of my Theo Jansen legs on the side of my future robot. I place one prototype on a piece of cardboard and traced the outlines with the legs in all possible positions. Like a robotic snow angel. This way I know what the "footprint" of the entire mechanism against the side of my robot will look like. And if one leg will hit a neighbour when flailing about.



OMG, I just realized that the tag "Picaxe" was third, Under both Arduino, and even the silly tag "Robot"!

So, I am now re-editing all my robots that use Picaxe to fight evil open source system Arduino!


How to wire a bumper switch

Wire it like this picture and "jump" would be the code that is executed when the button is pressed...


Chemical vise

I have no machine vise, but my project called for one. These pulleys come with a pilot hole. This way you can decide for yourself what kind and size of hole you want in them. I want them tight, 4 mm wide and perfectly perpendicular.


So what is a guy with a jig saw and a drill press to do? Right. This.


Because there are not only robots in life...

...i wanted to show some of my others projects. I made them few years ago...

First, a clock, featuring... me ^_^

And something different, a short movie from the time i was doing mountainboard and at the same time was discovering special FX.

Hope you'll enjoy!

You guys are my heroes!

I am all emotional, so maby I should not be writing this :D

However: Life is treating me in ways that makes it impossible to have almost any time on LMR or in the workshop these days.

It has been really bad for some months, and I sort of drifted off, silently accepted that I cannot do everything that I want in life..

Then tonight, one friday night where I finally got a little time, I enter this amazing site, and wow.. You guys are just going on, all is the same, how cool!

I am so glad you are all in here still :D Thanks!

New Project?

Just found some tracks off of an old toy... What do you think of this:


Plus this:



And get this?



What do you think?