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PIC and PICkit Problems

I just began to tackle bare PICs again with the 12F509. Simple baseline stuff. Just for good measure as to whether or not I remembered what the hell I was doing, I tackled the task of turning on a LED. :p I used the following user code:


Pablo the Pool Toy


This is a concept for a robot to monitor and manage my swimming pool.

Design Goals

My Shopping List (feel free to ignore)

Why would you care what I'm shopping for?  Well, you probably don't.

Still here?  Go build a robot!  Here's what I'm shopping for to build some of my own.

September 2009

I need stuff for Mr. Suspense!  Plus maybe some other goodies.

Mr. Suspense

The Pulse - 2009w32

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Summer Time

And the livin' is easy. Well, on my hemisphere anyway. It's been "4 weeks 1 day ago" since I had my last "100% fix".

Hand held battery vacuum cleaner

I bought a cheap battery powered vacuum cleaner from dealextreme to build into Ozzy. The idea was to build a front mounted vacuuming attachment as inspired by emullers vacuum bug. I was pretty skeptical of its sucking power and for about $6 with free shipping worldwide I wasn`t expecting it to be very useful. Now that it has arrived I can say yes indeed it does suck! In a good way!

Heres a small pre-hacking photo review.


Well after complaining about the difficulty of programming PICs "http://letsmakerobots.com/node/9162" I remembered bootloaders. Originally I thought that boatloaders were just for Arduino's and PICAXE's, but after some investigating, I realized that they're a completely valid alternative to programming hardware! 

Questions on my new 16x2 Crystalfontz LCD display

This is mostly directed at voodoobot, because he has one of these same LCDs (sorry!) :D

However, most serial 16x2 LCDs are pretty much interchangeable... so anyone can help out here. I'm looking at the PDF datasheet here-


(and while you are at it, check out HSC- http://www.halted.com/   Its a great surplus electronics store in California, so yeah. You can drop by them on Ryder Street in Santa Clara, or in Rohnert Park. There's another in Sunnyvale I think...)

Getting ready

Hello everyone! :D

I'm new to the site and building robotsand got very inspired of all the robots on the site. :D

 And it seems that making a simple bot is easier then i thought :O


After reading some of the tutorials here i decided to start making my own bot,so today i bought some tools that i needed.

Things like: Soldering iron (and a stand/holder), heatshrinking tubes, solderingtin and some wire. didn't find any jumpers tho :/


Note to myself

void begin_note(void) {

printf ("Always use the same damn pinout when having multiple motor controllers ... youuuu IDIOT !!/n");

printf("Or you'll just waist a lot of time scratching your damn TinHead!!/n");

printf("At least comment your lousy code ... wannabe programmer you ..../n");



I just thought you should know

Now, a problem by telling anyone in here that someone else are special, is that any member that submits as much as a little tip on how to hook up an LED is just amazingly cool.

Why? Because it is in fact only a good spirit that contributes - none of us are meeting each other IRL. (to my knowledge at least).

So it is such a strange thing to give to, a funny thing to contribute to something that is only virtual.. and as said; Anyone doing it is the coolest!

LMR Store

 Hey guys, I just had and idea- how bout we make an LMR store?


Okay, this is just a little "this vs. that" quiz so I can find out what you guys generally prefer. Vote PIC for PICs or PIC based devices like PICAXEs and ATMEL for ATMELs and stuff like Arduinos.

Serial LCD Ideas

I was wondering about what I could do with a normal 16x2 serial LCD. Like what kind of projects do you think would be fun? A video game?

LMR Search

Is the search thingy here not working, or is it just me? Seriously, I don't know if it's because I use Chrome, or if it's just not working. I tried to search to see if anything was said about this, but well...you know...I can't. 

My Robot Habit

My robot calls to me. 

It says, "You don't need sleep.  You need to rebuild my chassis.  It's too hard to replace the batteries, and I'm down to 4 volts here."

Mini Robot Master

I wanted to create this blog about an Instructable memeber I've read about a while back.

ThunderBird 6 - (aka Mental Detective) - Gold-Tin-Ring-BottleTop-Finder

ThunderBird 6 -  (aka Mental Detective) - Gold-Tin-Ring-BottleTop-Finder

 So my latest Bot project is off the ground...... or should i say able to find out whats under the ground......

I have been fasinated by the automatic forklifts in some big warehouses that follow a track under the ground.

Objective (primary) :- Get a bot to follow a line of coins. ie line following with a difference.

Objective (Secondary) :- To find treasure..........lots of it ...... all by it self........

Thats funky

My first chapter of my epic robotics missadventures has disappeared.

Just finished my own Start Here Robot

I'll post it under Robots soon.  I had to dust off a few brain cells, as it has been a long while since I've done any programming.  There are still some flukes in the code, but it runs and navigates simple scenarios.

Yeah!  I am officially a Picaxe programmer.  Thanks to Fritzl for his excellent documentation.

Polyplasticy goodness

Been rummaging around every local store in search for the perfect container for the M134 controls (read lunchbox)

And so after heavily customizing an ikea 'lunchable-accessories' box I happen upon one of my favorite mischellaneous electronics sites, the one where you put all the crap that really doesnt work in a shiny aerodynamic case that makes whatever whizzbang youve made look really professional, and as an added bonus make anyone operating it and not getting it to work feel like a complete idiot.

Still working

My Jeep Mr Basic is still waiting for his brains... if I don't help him soon he will start looking for the Wizard of Oz...

My second robot is also in preparation, meanwhile I will continue enjoying all LMR's robots...

The BIG board!

Ok, though you would like to see what I am working on now. I am having this as a blog post  until there is something worthy of posting. It sure looks cool or what :)

Max713 NiCad/NiMH smart charger.

I made a battery charger with some free samples of the maxim max713 chip.

Maxim home page.

Chip details.


Search for samples.

Emergency de-soldering braid

So I need some components from an old modem board for a new project. I'm trying to rescue a DPDT relay and an LM386 op ap for a mouse bot.

However, the soldering job on this board is really well done, and I'm having trouble.  So I need my de-soldering braid. Is it in the basement with my soldering kit? No.  I must have used it up.

Where's my old de-soldering bulb?  Lord only knows.

What to do?

Old coax cable. Strip off the outer insulation. Pull off the braid. Flaten in vise. 

There you go.

Next Robot?

Well I am not sure what to do for my next robot. I would love to build a UAV but it is very pricy like 500 dollars. I'm not quite sure what my other alternative would be but I would like an awesome new robot to build. Anyway, I'll do more research, even though I did a ton already and see what I should do next. So we will see I guess....


Building a Herbie Style robot called "SCURBIE"

July 5, 2009

It took me a great deal of time to decide what my next project would be but finally after weeks or browsing this site I opted to doing yet another BEAM project before launching head first into the relams of programmable robots using such chips as the ardunio. I must admit thought it was kind of tempting to skip minor projects to launch a big one. ANyways enough of my rambling.

Swapshop-Blog Version

Ok, so ive made a robot, still workin on it. However, im lookin to the next one already, and for it, i need an arduino. Im dead broke, but i saw Swapshop in the forums, and thought it was smart! however, the most recent post was like 2 weeks ago, and i'm lookin for more traffic then that.

I was cleanin my room (for once) and found this stuff. im unloadin a lot of my old stuff for cash, and heres a bit of it...

Nicd Battery pack (1800 MaH)

2 Tamiya Gearboxes and Wheels

2 Leaf-Spring Switches

2 Radio-Transmitter like parts

2 IR detectors

SG90 servos

After some seaching for an answer about the strength, durablity, quality, ect, of SG90 servos, I found this video.

Their other videos show more of the development process (a bit) but this video lets me see that the SG90 servos can hold their own.

Though they may not be ideal, I'm willing to sacrifice some quality for the great savings as long as they work like this.

edit: Then I found the second video.... 

Time to move on?

The Arduino Duemilanove was my first microcontroller that I purchased, and has been my main micro on all of my projects, robotic or otherwise. At one point, I felt that it was time to move on from the Arduino, and search for a more practical solution, so I purchased a PicKit v2 and some PICs.