Let's Make Robots!


Here is 'Gyroboto'

Here is my first robot attempt.


I didn't even get to the computing stage before I realised the physics were not so good ;)


PROJECT #1: 'Gyroboto'



Btw, if anyone has done any work with gyroscopes do let me know, cheers! 

So it begins...

Hi i'm new at the game.

I tried to make my first robot last week and got as far as the testing stage :)


I didn't do enough research and thought a bi-pedal walker was the first thing i should try and make!


 Ha ha ha, I saw Honda's Asimo for the first time and thought I can make something that walks in 

A: < 1 week with  

B: < $50 worth of R & D 




Thats the learning curve. 



My New Robot Ideas

     Hi all, I have been mostly a silent observer (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/3817 is the exception). Anyways, a few days ago after talking to a CIA tech genius about robotics and the field of electronics I was inspired to build something again. I dont want it to be a small little bot that once the novelty wares off is imediatly sent to a shelf. I want it to be something slightly usefull, fun, and constantly runing. I have two cats and it would be excellent if this robot was like another pet.

LV-MaxSonar Sensor Questions


This is my first post here at LMR. I decided to write out a question in the format of a blog. Since I've had some trouble getting my head around this issue and I found limited resources regarding this special device on the Internet. Creating a blog post might help other people with similar questions as me. 

Color Sensor Algorithm


I know the video quality sucks I just wanted to give a view of  what it is doing. The black tube has the LDR in it to hide stray light. Below is a tabl eof the values I got for Red, Blue and Green when different color soda caps were put in front of the LDR. Now I need to take the raw values and put them into some sort of algorithm that looks at the difference between the values before a cap is put in place and after to determine the cap color.



CMPS03 with Picaxe 28x1

Hi, everybody.

Couple of days ago I received my brand new CMPS03 along with some other components. And today I had time to test it. The interfacing circuit and test program was taken from http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/cmps2axe.htm .


EEPROM code for iCon...

This is a simple code that takes values from a pot and adc channel, writes it to the eeprom, then plays back these positions to a servo. This is a very basic version of what I use to prerecord moves for walter's head.


Arduino and ARM microcontroller

It's been a while since I wrote anything at LMR, so an update is due: I've been messing about with an Arduino Duemilanove that I was given for Christmas 2008. I've done all the usual things with LEDs, servos, LCDs and the like.  Also spent way too much time at the Arduino forums!

130 Megapixel camera

Check out this brilliant idea from a Japan amateur fotographer. He used an optical lens and a scanner to make pictures with 130-megapixel. This is a resoltion of 13,068 x 10,173 at almost no cost. See it here.

Gadget Gangster!

Well, they accepted my entry to the Gadget Gangster Father's Day contest...

Just thought you guys would like to take a little look (it one of my better videos). It's not a bad deal either, if a kit sells I get 20%. Actually, if you are looking for a fun, easy learn-to-solder kit buy one!! (I could use the money)

If nothing else, I wanted to drop a plug for Gadget Gangster over there, it seems  they have a pretty good set-up and Nick (the guy I've been talking to) seems to be a stand-up guy.

Going to China


The last 6 months of my life have been full of ups and downs. I have been on workcover for the last 6 months for an injury I sustained at work. This gave me the time to discover LMR and make new friends (and robots). Thanks to LMR, Jack from DAGU discovered me and is now producing not only my robots but will soon produce other robots from other builders at LMR.

Dekatron power supply - maybe Mr Basic related?

My entry for Mr Basic is going to be a 'retro light show bot' using nixie and dekatron tubes (wiki them). For these I need 170v for the nixie tubes, 70v for the neon bulbs and 450v for the dekatron tubes. I managed to make the 170v power supply that works well, but now I'm trying to make the 450v supply, and having some problems:



EDIT: c4 and c5 are 470nf 630v 


I have 2 robots I am working on, but I also want to toss making turorials on my list. We have a lot of good ones out there, but I want to make some that cover the basics (making an LED blink, then making 3 leds light in a certain order, adding sensor X, etc until it makes a robot). The eventual goal is making the tutorials teach not only how to make stuff but also teaching good coding skills (using tabs in code, proper documenting, white space, when to use GOSUB, etc) as well as slowly teaching components as they are used.

Mr. X becomes Mr. Red Adair


This is one of the main part for my contribution of the LMR Dagu contest. It looks like a small camera and yes indeed it is a camera. But this camera didn't give you a video or picture output. Mhhm, than it must be defect you may think.

Mr.BlueSky (soon to be called Mr.Flex)

Mr.BlueSky ... Mr.Flex... enters the DAGU Grand Prix race............

Pit-Stop Update - proposed  completed suspension Unit

Not sure if final version will have the Custom Polymorph suspension system fitted yet.

Cheap Sonar

One of the most important parts of a robot is it's sensors. If it cannot sense it's surroundings then it cannot respond. Unfortunately good sensors are usually expensive. For this reason I am always experimenting with cheaper home made alternatives such as my light up antenna, conductive foam touch sensor, IR obstacle detector and my not so successful laser range finder.

Sneek Peek Walter 2.0

Just a little sneek-peek...

Where every connection is a servo connector --The way it should be.

New Boards:



New Head:




New "Backpack":


I have an idea!

I am going to start on a humunoid robot. Starting with the legs then the body. Each part will use 1 picaxe chip. going to buy the servos this week. :D I think it will be a good learning experiance. 

LMR Mr.Basic Contest

To everyone that bought a Mr Basic, here are the rules of the contest:

If you make a robot to enter the contest, make sure that you add the

Whats up!!!

Well I am continuing to work on some projects when I have time and money. The problem is I really dont have too much time and money. oh well. but its still fun to come on here and check out everything you rich people build. lol :P

Maybe someday I will build something cool. 

Improvements to Components & Solarbotics components on LMR

Hi, guys. I just wanted to keep you up to date on the improvements I've been working on for the site. As you probably know, a few months ago we imported the full Pololu product catalog into our Components section, and we've been talking about ways to make use of that nice big database we now have.

What's Inside

IMG_0083.jpg   IMG_0084.jpg

Upper Right: On/Off button  Centre: Head shell  Upper Right: Bulkhead with contact arcs

Lower Right: Bezel.                                          Lower Right: On/Off switch & pc

The contact arcs mate with two contacts on battery compartment (below)


Venus Fly TrapBot - Solar Powered - Papillon Captured

Solar Powered Venus Fly Trap.

Following up an idea posted by (-: rik :-) here is LMRs first Solar-TrapBot that will eat anything in its path.

Its powered with a Solar Cell Miller Engine with a whopping lip-smacking 1 Farad Super Cap to power its Hungry Jaws.

If anyone whats to save Papillon the Solar-AirBot Butterfly then you have to put your Bid in Quick as its looking to be very Sunny this Weekend ...............


Picaxe 08 M and IR


Can a Picaxe 08M receive a IR signal transmittet by another Picaxe 08M ? And when it receives a IR signal transmit a high on a pin so that it could act as a digital input on a picaxe 28X1?

I have looked at the manuals but cant figure it out....


Simple motor control for Mr. Basic

I have seen a few people asking questions about controlling Mr. basics motors. One problem is that they draw more current than an L293D can handle. A L298N will do the job but you will want at leat 6V. Below is a schematic of the simplest way I know of to control your motors. Using a 5V relay you can run from 3.6V to 6V. I suggest a 9V relay if you want to use 7.2V.

It begins!

Atom Massager lit up

UPDATE: 22 MAY 2009

Have four cellphones on their way to recycle for motors and batteries (and whatever else I can harvest from them).


  Having spent a bit of time looking at the many creations here on Lets Make robots, and on other websites, I still wasn't sure what type of robot I wanted to build. Then I stumbled across the Atom Massager at a local DSE (NZ) store.

The Pulse - 2009w21

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Famous last words

Some of the most promising of LMR projects withered into oblivion with these memorable closing statements. A short selection from the LMR video archives:

Laser Tag Project

Hi guys.

I thought that the best thing to do to save all my progress so far about Laser Tag was to write a page in the blog, so here i am!

This first entry only deals with the various possible setups i might use for this project, i haven't made up my mind yet. I'll start by listing the most probable ones.


SETUP 1 (voodoobot)


-3 SERIN MCUs at the top, each one runs the SERIN command and as soon as they get something they tell that to the master.

START: first robot


I would like to buy my parts as soon as possible, but would you like to check if i haven't forgot anything ?

I would buy

- 1 sharp IR sensor
- Tamiya Dual motor gearbox
- Tamiya tracks


- picaxe starterpack
-l293d motordriver
-picaxe servo upgrade pack


 Greetz Laurens


So I have this laser tube lying around and I was wondering how to use it. It is a Helium-Neon (HE-NE) gas laser tube built by Uniphase.



horrible picture, just like most of mine


It's description is very vague, I'll read you the label.

(clears throat)






 S/N 183475