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Expect more LMR'ers, LMR'ians, LMR'ites, oh never mind..

Was just looking through Robot Magazine at the bookstore this morning and looky there! LMR is getting a shout out in there product news section. In about a quarter page, with color pictures of YDM and the Start Here bot, they give a thumbs up to this web site. What timing. Happy B-day LMR!


Yes, this feels so good :D

This evening, I had my first building-time in what feels like for freakin ever!!

I still will not have as much time as last year (I have become a dad ;), but I am building robots again!!

First one is planned to be a robot that likes itself.. pretty much, the thought of it makes me laugh, I hope it will be cool, and if not it still is so good to be BACK in the workshop! :D

Unnamed still, it will be a robot with a trailer. 

Drivig around with the trailer, finding places with certain conditions.

Mosaics (warning: this blog is a big download)

For those of you interested in mosaics from photo archives, here come some more.

The one on the frontpage (during our 1st birthday celebration) is created from an archive of about 700 pictures from LMR. There are more than a thousand tiles in the picture. I used software called Andrea Mosaic. Check out this website for more info about the software and for more beautiful mosaics.

LMR 1 year old Birthday Speech!


Happy Birthday, all LMR.

I am not going to make a long speech, because seriously; It would be emotional!



I think it is really fantastic that a thing like this can be done, and has so much life.


End of that speech :) You can make your own below :)

Win A Measure-thingey!

This multimeter or whaever it is called, was used on making the first robot that entered LMR.

in this weekend, it is donated to a member of LMR.

The Pulse - 2009w05

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Happy Birthday To Us

You may have noticed: we are one year old. So blow out your candle and make a wish. Or make a robot to do all that for you. Or wish for such a robot.

GigaPan Epic, the Gigapixel robot tripod

I've just read some news about David Bergman, a guy who has taken a super panoramic gigapixel photography of Obama's inaugural address

This was done by merging 220 pictures taken with a robotic tripod.

(which is a really cool idea) 

here are the picture and GigaPan robot




Well Jasper is started!



Just added sound to him today. Now it is time for bed! Will work on specific sounds tomorrow. :P

Help? Programming PICAXE?

I'm sorry if i sound like an idiot, but...
i have: picaxe 28 starter pack
1 motor
1 hitec hs-325 servo
a laptop and the programming editor for picaxe
im sorry if this is really annoying and its too similar to the start here link, but i need HELP!!! 
for some reason i cannot program the 28...

Multi Temperature Sensor Reading and Recording Device

The video shows what it does, but I will explain again here. It establishes a serial connection. When one of the switches is flipped it starts collecting data from the temperature sensor once every however long I want it to be for how ever many times I would like it to take temperatures...or until it runs out of memory. When the other switch is tripped it shoots the data out into the debug window. The other sensors' data is random numbers It works better if you take data from a sensor that is actually connected :P. I have to get more of the sensors.

Thing-a-day: knit cook draw paint, make robots!


On Thing-A-Day you can be part of a special, community driven makers experience. The topic is about making things share it with others on a daily basis throughout the February. In other words... experiment and fun with people who like to do so. I got the hint via Ranjit "Moonmilk" Bhatnagar. In his newsletter he wrote:


I lately spoke to Frits, and we agreed, that form time to time I keep on posting news or articles at let's make robots. I mainly write at the blog "Eggshell-Robotics", so it can happen, that some entries will just be "re-postings", but to topics, that seem to be relevant to me. So, here we go!

Best Software for Robots

Best software for robots - linux software - http://www.linux-soft.org %)

I feel a new robot comming up :D

The last 6 months or so has been extremely busy for me - and unfortunatly robot-building has had a lower priority than other stuff :/

I have had some sporadic and way too short windows of time in which I have mingled a little with pulsating lights and other low tech atry stuff.

But now times are changing a bit, pulsating lights and AM pulses are comming together, I am so thrilled! I will get a little time every now and then in the next month, I have 2 millions ideas, a robot is comming, a robot is comming :D

Try the Internet.. the way it shuld be

I cant believe how well this works, and how liberated I feel:


It's an addon to Firefox that makes browsing the Internet ..well, just try it! I was hesitating, but wow!


Why not to nuke a frozen pizza?


In line with a profound scientific principle to disclose failures as well as successes, I present you with the ghastly results of an inadvertent culinary experiment in my gastrolab this evening.

Notice the total incongruity of the specimen prepared by means of magnetron (720 kJ over a period of 900 seconds) with the aspired result as documented by my esteemed colleague Herr Dr August Oetker.

Getting Started

Collecting parts and planning for my Arduino based "Start Here" robot.


The new beginning

Hello Robot-creators!

It has been a long time since I was last active at this site... Mainly because I've been busy making stuff like this:


(Bidirectional 16-bit databus btw).

It's quite sad actually, now that I see all those cool robots that you've come up with, and all I have is stuff like that on the pictur above. I want to make something useful! Or at least entertaining... :)

Alright, I think I've figured out the "skate-o-meter"

so from discussion on this node, I was able to come up with ideas, thanks guys!


I don't have an image to describe what I want to do with the sensor on my skates because A: I suck at drawing, and B: I suck at drawing on my computer.

At first I wasn't too concerned about having an "exact" distance traveled, just some number that if I saw it go higher with each skate session, that would make me happy, but of course you guys got my brain juice goin'.

Coolest Hat (and wife) EVER!

You have goto see what Kari made me for my birthday!!!

Oh yeah, it's a hat with a pocket.


A pocket for my iPod!!!! Hell friggin' yeah, yo!!!


Kari is the most awesome wife EVER!!!


TQFP80 PIC18F8722 controller board

Lately I have been designing a robot controller board around a 18F8722, and it is a real powerhouse. 70 I/O pins, 12x10 bit ADC module, any many more peripherals. I will upload pictures and more soon.

My progress so far!

Here is a video and some pics. I need to redo it since it is going off to the side.






Robot Beginnings

Well I am starting! Will keep you posted on my progress and once it is done put it in here as a robot. :) Woot.




This is sad.

 iRotots ConnectR is no longer in production. :( That was a very cool idea. While vacuuming the house check on things while at work. :P Oh well.


Impossible Question...

I was driving with my son Phoenix, in the truck when he asked about the things hanging from my rear-view mirror and why they swing during corners. I explained centrifugal force, which he easily understood. The very next day as I was adding wood to the fire, he asked, "if there was a fire in your truck, would the flames bend when you turned"? First off, I was amazed and proud at what a kick-ass question this was coming from a 6-year-old. Second, I was struck with the fact that I had no friggin' idea. So, here is the question, fellow geeks and nerds...

The Pulse - 2009w02

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

"Danger Will Robinson!"

Now what is that I'm reading? This one robot got destroyed in a fire? And its Infra Red sensor was tested following what kind of IR emitter?! Maybe use an LED next time...

Brainstorming a new wall racer.

I'm not "officially" starting on a new bot (my husband would kill me), but Radioshack had these RC cars with hoods that popped up to show the innards for only $10, and remembering Frits' Robot Wall Racers, the temptation was too great.

I'm going to start with the RWR design, and then add more. I'm keeping this list here so that I don't forget!

Mini-Compo at Eggshell Robotics

Hi LMR-people!

 We at Eggshell-robotics.com just passed our first birthday and we managed to make a "mini-competition". We want you to draw/animate/builb or whatever creative about something YOU love about robots. The winner will receive a free EggshellRobotics-T-Shirt. For all the rules, look here.

Theo Jansen style robot leg: prototype #6

(continued from here)

I am busy with the tweaking and fine tuning of my plywood version of prototype #5. I had no idea this would turn into a different design I now call #6.


This photo shows #6 in its leftmost position. It just cannot reach the extreme. There are still several small bits of plywood touching that should not be touching. Again with the jig and with the saw!


Don't fear the 50/60 Hz noise - Use it

I am sad to say that I do not get much time to build any robots these days.. However, every now & then I get a few moments in my workshop.

Thanks to OddBot I got myself some phototransistors a while back, and now I had some time to play. I was thinking of making 2 robots send little signals to each other via a light beam.

Unfortunatly it's winter time in Denmark, and so I had to work under indoor light bulbs. And as you may know; Working with pulsating light under a such can be a pain!

Theo Jansen style robot leg: prototypes #4 and #5

Continuing where I left off (after a stiff binary interruption)...

This picture compares prototype #2 with an angled profile version:



The angled "L-profile" introduces a new property in the design: chirality. All of a sudden, it matters which direction you want to fold the joints. Compare the symmetric #2 on the right: