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Arduino Colour Changer

Simple arduino based colour changer.

Using the PWM outputs of an Arduino board to control an RGB Led array Via a Flash interface.

 By clicking the colour you want on the screen - the flash send the code to Arduino and hey presto that colour appears on the RGB bar......coool

Works well but what to use it for ............


Command Line Sudo-Sandwich Robot

Well, inspired by xkcd-kid, Bre Bettis and Adam Cecchetti made a functional sandwich-making robot, that can be operated by the command line.

I gotta plug Sparkfun...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do a little pat on the back for Spark Fun. I just got my order today (Sat.) from an order I placed on Wed. It was simple USPS Priority and got here in 3 days including the day it took for them to package it up. Not to mention they have stopped using packing peanuts and are instead using this recycled, compostable crinkly paper stuff. I have orded from these guys about 6 times now and have gotten this level of service every time. Man, I just simply love good customer service. These folks have my business from now on. 

This Wall-E is cool

Looks like a bit more than Animatronics. I think they have a working robot perhaps.



This is my first attempt to make a custom remote controller, and also my first customized Arduino.
After seeing this post made by ObbBot I wanted to try to make one myself.

I figured that if I purchase one remote controller it would be cheaper than buying two of these and paying shipment to Portugal.

So, ripping the guts from a game remote controller I get two joysticks, a couple of buttons, two nice motors and one small lcd.

Nudging newbies in the right direction

As this site continues to grow and get more popular, the prevalence of "incorrect" postings (non-useful subject lines like "Help me", posting questions or ideas as Robots, asking questions in the shoutbox, etc) has increased to the point where more of our members are concerned about it.

OK. Fine! You won. Big deal...

All my projects has been mechanical excercises and/or remote controlled thingys.

And after I posted my first biped here I recieved messages like "It needs a micro controller!" For that reason I've refrained from posting any of my other projects...

I even posted a rant on the forum about that robots might be robots even though they dont have brains.

First post!


So I'm really new here obviously, and I have made a few forum posts and bot page comments but I haven't actually introduced myself or mentioned any projects I've got going on. My name's Patrick, and I hail from a northern Ontario town called Sudbury. I'm currently in my third year of a Computer Science degree after having spent a bit in the Electronics Engineering Technician program at the local community college and having worked a bit in Toronto for a while. 

The Store, Part 2

Well, hello again everyone. Thought I would do a little update on the store. It has an official name now, the website is set up , and website design is almost complete. I also have a few robot designs ready to sell, including the start here robot.


Of course, I would love to have more robot designs to sell. If you would like yours to be one of them, please contact me!



The Pulse - Howto

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.


There have been enough episodes of this "periodical" to call it a tradition now. And I decided to give you all a sneak peek into the Pulse's kitchen. Consider this a "Howto Write The Pulse".

Getting Started

I decided to chronicle my attempt at creating this robot to give hope to anyone out there who doubts their ability to do the same.

 I have zero experience with programming.  Zero experience with engineering.  Zero experience with anything even remotely (pardon the pun) related to robotics.  Also, though I am intensely curious about things, I'm not the smartest guy in the world by any means.

 In other words, if I can do this, anyone can do this. 

Walter... FAIL!!

Well folks,

As it pains me to say, I have had a pretty major fail in the Walter dept... No blue smoke, mind you but I have found that getting 4 picaxes to talk to each other (while sharing serial and I2C devices) is no small task. I have more than 10 pages of hand-written notes with all my variables and pin assignments! Don't get me wrong, Walter will still live, but alas, it seems a major tear-down, downsize and rebuild is in my future... *sigh*

The meanest of servo jitter!

Working on a project, where I want a servo to rotate/position a laser that is reflected to a mirror, that is vibrated by magnetic pulses.. every day stuff here on LMR :)

Earlier I posted this:


- And now it was time to hook it up.

However strange things happened. When I was pulsing the mirror, the servo was moving!

Yay! n00b :)

Yay! I'm really excited to have finally joined this site. I've been reading for the past week and LMR has really helped out sort the kinks in my design.

I'm an EE major, so I lourve robots. For my career, I reallllly want to work on making robotic prosthetics for the disabled.

Non-robotic electrical installation

Just thought I'd share what is helping to fund my evil tea making robots. Other electrical projects!

My mother owns a beauty salon that pretty much does everything: hair, waxing, massage, and tanning. The gross part is that when in a hair salon, hair gets EVERYWHERE. Sure, people sweep it up, but the act of tossing it into a trash can and taking that can out throws hair all over the place. It then gets tracked all over the place, even into the ajacent section that has tanning beds gets covered in it. Blechhhh...

The Pulse - 2009w08

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I just picked up Three books from my library: "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots", " The PIC Microcontroller: Your Personal Introductory Course", and "The Robot Builder's Bonanza" from TAB Electronics.

my brand new shiny blog :P

Hello, i just wanted to share that i have opened a new blog, you can find it here:


I felt like i needed a place where to post small updates and big projects and that's it :)

Well I did it now!

I switched to Ubuntu linux and I love it. Here is a movie of my desktop. It is not the best. I need to get a better screen recorder. There are lines going through the video. :( But I dont see that when I am on my screen. I love it though. I installed compiz-fusion. :D

Theo Jansen style robot leg: prototypes #8 and #9, I suppose

My Theo Jansen Leg is finally starting to become something reproducible. Every step in in this arduous journey has been aimed at reproduction. No robot needs just one leg. And also, I wanted to share my design with anyone who fancies a walking Strandbeest robot.

Update 25 feb 2009: New video demonstrating the first powered test. Maybe that should read overpowered test...

(The ugly green screens are an editing artifact. Imagine beatiful fades.)

Free electronic samples galore!

Here is a list compiled of a bunch of companies that send free samples to people. Most of them send only to business but you can get around that with some smooth talking (basicly tell them your a business). :D

I am getting like 25 packages from different companies. Everything from electronic plastic holders (make great robot bodies) to semiconductor IC's.




Have fun!

The Pulse - 2009w07

The Pulse - 2009w07

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Hey something to check out.

Trying to help TheCowGod with picking a wiki for this site yesterday on the shout box has inspired me to start an all Geek community. I dont want to take away from this site and I love this site. I will always be a member to this site. But if you want to share something with my site it is called Geek Coalition. Then feel free. But I am using the Drupal engine with some mods.

The Store

Alright, well I have already made a somewhat succesful post about my online robotics store that I am starting up, but I have decided to also make a blog/some blog entries on the subject.


Heres the deal: I am looking for people that would like to have their robot design sold on the site. Anyone who decides they want it on the site would get their name on the purchase page and a ink to their site/lmr profile/other online thing etc.

So anyone that would like to have their robot design in the store please comment on this blog post.


Smile, Mr Robot :)

As written earlier here in my blog, I am trying to make a robot that will take snapshots of itself.

I have made some laser guiding system (I think), and some cool docking so it can hook up a trailer with a camera on.

However, I figured that if the robot is taking pictures of itself, it should be able to smile to the camera :)

new project: solar rover based on Picaxe 18X

the idea is to use a picaxe 18X as a brain for a little solar rover.

i have discovered that a picaxe can function as a solar angine because it works down to 2.5 volt

so im planning to use a solarbotic 33x37 policristalline cell wich provide 6.3V - 30ma

picaxe remain in nap mode untill caps reach a voltage near to 3.5 v then activate motors to accomplish an action loop....

and so on....

i use a 74ac240 as motor drivers and geared pager motors ...


by the test i have done till now it seems all can work properly....


Spamming and other things.

About the spam issue.

1. Signatures are just dumb! There is no need for them even for /lolgeek. You can see my freaking name in the post. This should just be removed.

2. If you wanna talk spam and ADVERTISING just look in the components section of this site. one store has 95% of it. Which is fine with me but there is no addition data about these components. Some helpful "this is possible applications for this component" would be nice.

3. If you have an issue with someone take the 2 seconds out of your browsing on here to let them know in a polite manner.

getting ready to start building but tryin to learn how to build stepper drivers first

 Ive got  the parts and the ideas  but  just  need  to learn some more  on these stepper drives  I can get the DC  drives allright  but  want a stepper drive for a part of my bot and general knowledge


How would anyone else feel about a pay-to-enter competition? Simple rules:

1) everyone pays a nominal amount (eg US$2) to enter (maybe to a centralised PayPal account or something?)

2) winner takes all - the person deemed the "winner" gets the contents of the PayPal account

3) the person setting the challenge is not allowed to enter (clearly, this person may already have spent years working on their design!)

4) the entries are judged by LMR members and these members must not also be entrants in the competition.

My Robotics

Like many others, who end up in the robotics field, I've always been a "tinker-er" when I was younger. Taking things apart to see how they work, buying electronics lab kits and completing all the circuits without opening the book, you know, typical stuff. Well now that I'm older, it's become a passion and a career choice. Don't mistake my age however, I'm only in high school, but I do plan on pursuing a higher level education in the field of engineering.