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Stuff to do

Stuff to do..

Think I've finally figured out Jaimies Spider Tank walking mechanism, pretty cool. You have to picture the legs with your head tilted sideways at a 45 degree angle, while scratching your head and rubbing your stomach. I wonder if this is how Jaimie figured out the walking mechanism to start with. Think I'd like to build a small model with some hobby plastic bits to verify thoughts. May get a few model airplane hinges to build with, or just make some small hinge joints some way.

Routerbot (Without hacking the router)

I am intending to build a routerbot. This is my design idea. This is my first major robot so please comment and suggest if even the slightest urge arises.

I will call the robot flat friday.

Design brief so far...

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)


My inspiration for the robot.


R3's eye, and trying to aim the robot

So I'm trying to add an "eye" to R3. Mechanically it's simple enough, I just stuck an LDR between ground and one of the analog inputs. Since the input has a built-in pullup resistor that should effectively create a voltage divider. No problem, that works as expected. Now I want the robot to spin in place, stopping every 45 degrees to take a light reading. Since the motors are just modified servos with no feedback it took some fiddling. After a bit of trial and error I find that running both motors for 300 millis rotates the bot 1/8 turn.

'Making of' FOBOT Video

I've been quite busy & I know it's coming in a bit late, but for interests sake here is some of the background footage behind my OddBot Video Challange entry.


Touch Screen with Phidgets

Not much to say.  I'm tired. Just installed a touch screen mod for an aspire one D150 netbook and playing around with my phidget software.

I'm starting to get a little tired of thinking I have anything productive to bring to the robotics community.  Seems everyone laughs at phidgets and such.    I don't know.  I guess I just have the summer blues.  I don't feel like working on projects because I would rather get outside while it's nice and do other stuff. 

Anyway, another video, hope you find hit useful.


Programming a Picaxe in Ubuntu

Well, a small comment in the shoutbox caused several guys to download Ubuntu. Good choice, I like it! Here's a walkthrough to programming a PICAXE in it.


STEP  1) Download the Linux Axepad here- http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/software/linaxepad_100.tar.gz

STEP 2)  Extract the files to a folder on your desktop called "LinAXEPad" or whatever you want to call it.


i am lookin for new and creative robot ideas. I have an arduino mega. what do I do?

Enclosures for random electronics!

Well, most of their cases aren't very big, but they have alot of choices! Waterproof, vented, locking, PCB screw-able, you name it! Also have enclosures for keypads, scanners, touchscreens.. pretty awesome!



video of yellow drum machine 3

ok, i know the competition is over already but 3 hours before the final due hour, my computers power supply went to "sleep"... more of a "BANG......SIZZLE.......SMOKE*......sleep". so i couldnt submit it. however unfortunate that was, i thought it would be a waste of time if i didnt submit it any way, just for the hell of it.

....yes, i did cry.

firstly i would like to apolagise to fritz if this invaded any copyright laws that i was unaware of so please dont sue me.

anyways, this was my video.

Interesting vidoes - OT

Some really interesting videos www.sixtysymbols.com/

The Valkyrie

Hi all!

So the Beast is dead, buried, gone .... I actually intended to keep it as it was but hey I needed the parts :)

The new machine (Valkyrie) is basically completed and since the keyword for this one is ADJUSTABLE I still have to adjust things :D

Will start soon a new robot page for it ... stay tuned.. 

The challenge of building a 1st bot..


I got my arduino mega in the post a few days back and having been playing around lighting up LEDs. Thought id get started with constructing my 1st bot. Hence i rigged up 2 motors, a dual mc33887 motor driver, a 6v supply and the mega board. Uploaded a sample code to see if it would turn the motors. Voila!! Nothing happens. Nothing whirring, no sound, no ecstasy. No nothing. 

Its quite obvious that my bot wont perform with stationary wheels.

Still trying to find a solution. Images of connection, mc33887 truth table and sample code below.

Zodiac display done.

Edit: Added some more photos to the bottom. Those were taken with the curtains shut. Also took a short video.

Finally completed the zodiac display. Aside from the sickly colour of the top and 1 of the red LEDs stopped working after I glued it all together, I`m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

srf05 measurements to lcd readout - code snippets?

Hello, here I am again, asking for some help. I am currently using fritsl's srf05 code:


Ping Flatlined, little to no input...

my ping has little to no response. when i debug, it always says 0 or 1. it used to say 1500 or more sometimes. could it be a connection error or a problem with the sensor? i cant afford a replacement sensor, so if it is the problem, please tips on how to fix it...? please help

Code Below

programming language BASIC 2.5

The Ping is pin 15

pix coming around noon


Results of the Mr Basic competition


What started out as a good idea got complicated. Sounds like any robot-project? Well.. perhaps this is why; the contest works / not works like the robots it's driven by.


DAGU first let me taste & try some of their products. Really good products, and DAGU was (and are) really polite, nice, fast responding, fair.. the kind of people that I'd like to support!

Super Star !

Playing around.  Please send links to your friends if you think it is fun!

Sharp sensor with my phidget control

A quick video of me playing around with a sharp sensor mounted on my robot arm.  This video demonstrates the flexability of my custom servo and inverse kinematics control written in C#.  Nothing spectacular.  In fact, it's in poor shape at the moment, but I wanted to post a video becuase it's been a few months since my last robot video.

Zezinho, the poser - interactive installation

This is the final result of the first stage of this project. An installation where zezinho calls for visitors and when a visitor reachs the mixing controllers he waits for new poses.





Love-voting is fashionable as well!

I am very sorry if anyone was hurt by my bad karma!

However, it helped ;)

Weekend is closing in, and we are starting to see who should win this competition.

Needless to say that everyone participating is very cool, and have contributed to the enjoyment of all of us. Seriously. Thanks for the laughs and good times following your work!

And I truly hope that everyone have had fun building, and documenting.. and that the competition and the evil in "only 3 winners" is actually in the background of the whole experience :)

More hate votes, please!

The LMR DAGU Contest is comming to an end. But everybody in here are so fu**ing nice, and that will not do.

Oh, you are so nice, your robot is so cool, I give you 5 stars, and you too, and you too.

Heck, where is the competition in that?

How can we ever find a true winner (3 true winners) when the call is so close?

What to do? Hate! Fight, mean stuff, we need the dark clouds to fill the sky in here. Remember this is about money, kill!!

Automotive uses for arduino

so this is a non-robot kinda deal so i'll blog about it just to let the people that aren't in chat know whats going on. progress on all my bots are slow. got a few projects going on right now including rfid entry in my car. right now its on breadboard im using my dorkboard and the prfid reader. when it senses the correct card it activates one relay to act as the unlock switch and then it will also pop my door. see one fo my other pastimes is car audio and customization.

more pics of my robot

Just a bunch of pics for my project OPUSfront.jpg

Interior, minus the speakjet. You can see my add-on H-bridge, as I burned out the A/B contacts when I was trying my first robot project. You can also see the bottom of my home-made Picaxe board and it's download jack.


Parallax Propeller Expo 2009 - West

On 2009.06.28 I went to the Propeller Expo at the headquarters of Parallax in Rocklin, CA. USA.

Preparing to launch

After reading and learning a lot from all of you, I have decided to write my first post to check all this before I post my first project: Mr Jeep Basic.


I recently opened a thread in the "Electronics" section as Bluetooth dongle comms which generated some good responses.

Then I opened up a robot project which I had to delete ( I'm also one of those people who do things before I have read the rules :>{ ) so this is where it is going to be documented.

I have now installed Eagle, figured out (again) how to connect components together (I was not selecting "Nets").

Starformers (featuring Oddbot, Fristl, and with courtesy of Chris the Carpenter for a really quick appearance)

 Well, this was supposed to be my entry for Oddbot competition, but i realized i stupidly misunderstood the rules... I thought that you could use a cardboard/wooden robot, but when i read the comments, i finally got that you have to use a cardboard robot... I thought the main rule was to make a funny video about robot, even if you don't use a real robot. (yes, sometimes things are a little hard to get when english is not your first language!)

So i guess i'm off competition, but i didn't want to think that i wasted my time so i post it anyway... 'hope you'll enjoy!

Bluetooth Dongle Comms

This is an Open Source, Collaberative project blog.

The aim is to use commonly available Bluetooth USB dongles to enable a PC to control a free roaming robot.

In my case the missing link which I have been trying to get working since about 2001.

The idea is to have an autonomous PC controlling the robot remotely (WITHOUT A CONNECTING WIRE ), so that I can test some rather radical Artificial Intelligence ideas that I have.