Let's Make Robots!


TJ snow angels and pulley kebab


Today I decided on the arrangement of my Theo Jansen legs on the side of my future robot. I place one prototype on a piece of cardboard and traced the outlines with the legs in all possible positions. Like a robotic snow angel. This way I know what the "footprint" of the entire mechanism against the side of my robot will look like. And if one leg will hit a neighbour when flailing about.



OMG, I just realized that the tag "Picaxe" was third, Under both Arduino, and even the silly tag "Robot"!

So, I am now re-editing all my robots that use Picaxe to fight evil open source system Arduino!


How to wire a bumper switch

Wire it like this picture and "jump" would be the code that is executed when the button is pressed...


Chemical vise

I have no machine vise, but my project called for one. These pulleys come with a pilot hole. This way you can decide for yourself what kind and size of hole you want in them. I want them tight, 4 mm wide and perfectly perpendicular.


So what is a guy with a jig saw and a drill press to do? Right. This.


Because there are not only robots in life...

...i wanted to show some of my others projects. I made them few years ago...

First, a clock, featuring... me ^_^

And something different, a short movie from the time i was doing mountainboard and at the same time was discovering special FX.

Hope you'll enjoy!

You guys are my heroes!

I am all emotional, so maby I should not be writing this :D

However: Life is treating me in ways that makes it impossible to have almost any time on LMR or in the workshop these days.

It has been really bad for some months, and I sort of drifted off, silently accepted that I cannot do everything that I want in life..

Then tonight, one friday night where I finally got a little time, I enter this amazing site, and wow.. You guys are just going on, all is the same, how cool!

I am so glad you are all in here still :D Thanks!

New Project?

Just found some tracks off of an old toy... What do you think of this:


Plus this:



And get this?



What do you think?



Project: The Beast (DIY CNC machine project)

Hi all,

Meet the Beast!

The Beast















 (eh please ignore the junk around it)


Fun with timers and interrupts on Atmel Tiny26

A long time since my last post on this site... Anyway I've been experimenting a little with my Atmel Tiny26 uC today using AVR Studio 4 for development and the AVR ISP mkII programmer to program the uC.

Hello LMR

Hi all,

 I have finally decided to join LMR after about 6 months of watching and learning from you guys. 

 First of all I'd like to say Hi Fritsl, you've done a great job bringing all those people toghether by creating such a community. I wish I had this idea before you:D

I would also like  to say Hello to Chris the Carpenter, OddBot, Rik,BOA, TheCowGod you guys rock.

And least but not last Hello to the rest of people of LMR.


Ok enough hellos, back to work.  


LDR Cyclops - holding, scanning, seeking, recalling

Continuation from here.

Video straight from the camera to Youtube (Sorry Oddbot).


 Continued here.

Octopus IP soft robot

This here could be interesting for the LMR-Community: The Octopus IP is a "soft robot", that uses a principle derived from the muscles of an octopus. It's made of rubber and strings - and it looks extremely sleek. The research for the Octopus Project is funded by the 7th FP of the EU. But, yeah. It should be also possible to assemble this at home for the freaks!


This will eventually become a robot project, but because my progress is so very slow, I decided to post the bits and pieces I have as a blog. That way you guys can start commenting and I get to show my pretty pictures.

The bot I'm working on will combine some of the things I allready posted as walkthroughs. Mainly it will feature the mintvelt object tracker and inter-picaxe serial communication.

Robot arm design, my ideas and progress so far.


Building an arm for your robot can be the hardest part of robot design. There can be many different designs besides a humanoid design. For example you might have a CNC style XYZ axis or even a tentacle design where multiple joints are surrounded by cables. For BoozeBot I've decided to go for a humanoid design because I would like him to be able to pick things up like a person would. Reguardless of your design the first problem you are likely to face is strength vs weight.

Free Range Robots (IR Beacon) **UPDATED**

**Update 4.14.09***

OK, when you watch the video... 

First of all, it is like, 5 minutes -sorry. There is a point though promise, and that point starts at about 3:40 or so. Now, I can't stress enough, the code is wicked chunky as it was written in about 10 min. It is all "bang-bang" and not proportional at all. The final code should be about 10x faster, much more accurate with a lot less trial and error. For now, this is just proof of concept and indeed it has been proven. 


Blinking Bug - Blue Spider )))

Hello again!

This guy is Blue Blinking Buggy )) (made with this tutorial: http://www.blinkybug.com/)

Hi is very mysterious at night )) 

Green powerbot!

This is my another one... Looks better, and faster moving.



Talk to the hand! Er, gripper?

OK.  So everyone fumbles sometimes in life, and in this blog post with video, I fumble perfectly.

LOL, I'm normally dry and boring but here I'm controlling my phidget arm with my mouse and attempting give it a voice, and character while acting a bit silly.  I fail horribly. tee hee. I'm such a buffoon!


Rudimentary LDR eye

Old idea rekindled

This idea about very basic robot vision haunted me ever since I first saw AmandaLDR. Even before it was named after a canine. It's somewhat inspired by the evolution of the first eyes in nature: just a bunch of light sensitive cells on your rump.

Cant get Freeduino to work with Vista

Ive checked my soldering, ive installed all drivers and have it hooked up correctly but for some reason I cant get my freeduino to work with vista. Everytime I try to upload code I get these errors --

    avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

    avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect+0x14, resp=0x51

does anyone know what these mean? (Freeduino is same as Arduino Decimilia)

Phidget Servo Controls - 2

Am I blogging correctly?  I'm still a little new and a bit confused.  Sorry if I might seem to be spamming?

This is a video of my two controls working together. 

I still have a lot thoughts of how I'm actually going to present a final GUI and functionality, so this is just a starting point. Keep in mind, these are two separate controls. My intentions are to allow people to use my phidget servo control individually and/or use the IK control individually or, both at the same time, with as little code as possible.

new project: 3 servo exapod

i want top build my 3 servo exapod like this one  


it have to be half in size




i will try to use polymorph for legs and body

working in progress...

This was my first, now i'm working to upgrade it )))

Thank you guys. Your advices were very helpful.

And now for something completely different!

** Update **

I delivered the gun to KJ precision engineering for testing. It has been named "Soldestroyer" by my former boss.


Polymorph ?!




uh  It could work as a neural network....











Torque calculation

I would like to know how to calculate torque on three degree of freedom leg. Example like a Phoenix type robot design. At least show me the calculations that would make my life easier. Thanx

Hi, I'm still here!

I bet you're all wondering, "hey, why isn't Zanth around posting bots anymore?"

Well, truth be told, I haven't touched my projects since graduation. Searching madly for a job has taken precedence over everything else. Now that I have a job (!) I decided it would be great to get back into things.