Why do we make?

Why do hobbiests make things?  Or more pertinent to LMR - why do hobbiests make robots?

I ask because when I see an interesting project posted, I also see a lot of requests for detailed designs, schematics and code in the comments.  Then there are numerous postings where folks want/need constant hand-holding throughout the design & build process.  If you can't (or haven't) made an LED blink, what do you need with the code for satellite navigation?  If your interest is professional or to finish a school project, then I suggest that blindly following others isn't a good path for advancement.  If you're not interested in the process, why are you interested in the product? 

Are you building a device so that you can have a cool something that no one else on the block has?  So that you can post an unusual video and get lots of hits?  So that instead of spending $30 on a cheap R/C car you can spend $200 and still not know what happens between the joystick and the wheels?

Some of the most capable LMR members are working on Big Things - things that are important for their careers or education.  But I think most folks here like to make things because the process is fun.  The goal isn't to have a little assembly of plastic and wires that scoots around the room without hitting the walls.  The goal is to learn something new, to create a Thing that didn't use to exist and to provide an outlet for our creativity.

And now, having written this post without the advantage of tenure on this fine site, I say to you... Have Fun.  I have some LEDs I need to make blink.

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First rule of world domination....is don't talk about world domination...


Because a couple of years ago I realized I had forgotten how to play. Everything I did had to be for a reason.

But hobby Robotics, I can follow my muse, change direction, drop projects because they are boring, explore stuff just because I am interested. I have a college background in electronics, but I work with computers. I always found college fun, but work not very challenging.

So that's why...play......however if my wife asks ....it's to take over the world and build a toe eating robot out of an old shredder I have stashed somewhere. Best regards Shane