arduino servo robot with loptop code

i am building a servo robot which will be controlled via the web with arduino.  i found an instructable for one but the code didnt post any one have code that will work??????????

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Help me, so shut up!!!

This is the new English I learned. I wonder how SIRI would answer this one.

One question mark will do fine.

You are not going to find "code" to work. You will find a lot of examples of code that you can use for reference, some "chunks" you can cut and paste, and maybe some inspiration. You will need a working knowledge of code however.

At this point you gotta ask yourself if your goal is to A) get a toy to play with or B) learn programming and robot building.

If the answer is "A" then just go buy one --if the answer is "B", welcome --this is a great hobby and you will have a lot of fun.

Also, if the answer is still "B", you need to get a microcontroller (arduino, picaxe etc) a LED and a resistor. Start by getting that LED to blink --that is how we all started.