m&m sorter #3

Sorts m&m's by color
DeltaRobot-0.02.zip3.44 KB

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbb9GOWaL4g and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPakG8p3MHE

Update: Added schematic for the vacuum system

Code word were: CHEAP!

Cheapest RC servos I could get, Cheapest Arduino, almost. Straws from mc donalds, icecream sticks, rubber bands, Lots of scrapped stuff just waiting to be used in the workshop. Solenoids in the valves were from old tapedrives, and the valves them selfs were from old bicycle tubes. Vacuum and pressure comes from an old aquarium pump, reshaped to make vacuum too.

The dark disk is a sun shade, had to add that before filming outside, othervise color detection made too many mistakes.

"Exploded view" of lower arm:

"Exploded view" of lower arm

Lower arm:

Lower arm

Lower arm about to be connected to bolt on upper arm

Lower arm about to be connected to bolt on upper arm

Lower arm and the moving platform:

Lower arm and the moving platform


Two valves, the lower one disassembled

The pin visible at the end of the yellow tube pin of the bicycle valve. The brass tobe above goes over the pin. Since the pressure uses in the robot is low, +/- 0.15 bar, I could go with these simple home made solenoid valves.

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yummy!!! M&M!! thats all i concentrated on

While building, testing, tuning, and filming I had a hard time keeping my daughter from stealing my m&m's.

Then finally came the day when I took the machine apart and gave her the former good looking sweets. But no, she didn't want them, they were not looking good any longer, not shiny and bright colored as they used to be. After being picked up and returned to the mixer by my hands over and over again, they simply were of no interest to her. Nasty she said...


My daughter like to "steal" some parts from my lab. After a brief look from me, she simply run away and hiding the stuff somewhere.

Ha, Ha, Ha.... I printed a delta robot from Thingiverse.com. I still need to program it and do not have any of your functionality. I took a while getting parts.

Toooooo Funny. A brillant man just grabs stuff and makes brillance.


Thanks for doing what you do.

kindly inform me of all the steps i need to follow in order to get the delta robot library working ...

*the library code is giving some errors like

"Class delta robot has no member named 'Move to' "

which version of the Arduino IDE are you using? If it's version 1 you will have to change a line in DeltaRobot.h


  • #include "WProgram.h"


  • #include "Arduino.h"

yes, i have version 1 Arduini IDE , and the replacement you mentioned worked. thanks

yes, you are absolutely rite but i think u didn't hear me well, I m a novice Programer and i m trying to lrean it. 

Did you read the README.txt in the archive?

You will have to do a little work yourself too. I will not hold your hand all the way through the project.

Remember the site is called "Lets Make Robots" not "Let Others Make Robots"

I hadn't spotted this one until you linked to it from a request on today's headlines.  That is some fine engineering!  There are so many years of robots to go through here-one could spend a college lifetime reading about our creations.

M&M sorter for donation winner drawing. Dear Mogul, could you add a comment here?