My first robot : a quadruped with 3 DOF by leg

It just trying to walk correctly for the moment :)

Update 2 : new video of the "spider style" walk

Hi everybody my name is MoX First i want to say sorry for my english : I'm French ...(and sorry for my president

So this is my first robot, a quadruped with 12 standard servomotors and 3 dof by leg.

I make all the part myself with aluminum plate.

For now, it's just control by my computer link to it with a RS232 connection, and a SSC32 controlling servomotor card by Lynxmotion (a real good card i think :)

Today I'm trying to control it with an Arduino car but the com with UART between the two cards is not operational for the moment :( I'm also trying to include a URM37 ultrasound sensor :)

The first step was to create a second axis for all servos.

I used some support of roller-blade ball-bearing, and I stuck it to the servo with cyanoacrylate adhesive :

Now , let's use my best enemies (which offer me a lot of blister ! ) :  Saw, file, and tech vice (lol not the same signification in French MDR)

The body :  PVC plate (dimensions 180x180mm,5mm of thickness) :

Now the legs : I am going to use the terms of "shoulder", "leg" and "scratch" for the 3 parts of the legs... (sorry I know that my english vocabulary have to increase .....)

All the aluminum parts are from an old 19" computers rack ( 2mm of thickness )

First type of servos support : for the 2 servos of the "shoulder"

I have fold the plate following the dotted line, using a tech vice :

It's very important to align correctly the axis of the servo with it's new axis (the bearing part)  and to follow this alignment with the aluminum support of servomotor. Personally it's not perfect (i wish i had a numeric CNC :) future project ?!

when you love, you don't count (French proverb) 3 more to make ... or you could count your blisters LOL : 600W blister by hand !! thank you Miss metal file ! ........ heuuuu if you don't understand the blister thing....just French technical joke LOL

And the result with servos , but not yet fix to them ( one of them is on the "leg")

The result with the 4 supports of "shoulders":


Now the support for the "leg" : more simple than the other LOL ...... but... but's just a poor piece of aluminum ?? ... YES o_O

The leg:

The result with 4 legs :

Now my favorite part : the scratch:

Same idea : Saw, file, and tech vice ...and blisters !

Result :



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Hello MoX,

I really need ur help.

1st. Could you please tell me how we make the second axis? how to make the second axis accurate?

2nd. Did you calculate the starting torque? how?

( please contact me at this email :) pleaseee...

hi mox

i have made a project just like yours.

the only thing left is the wiring of the servo motors.

i was wondering if you could help me with that and also the code if you could send me that over my email.

( )

that would be really kind of yours

thank you......

Hi Mox,

Very nice work, especially as you build everything from scratch.

If you want to lose the robot tether, look at Xbees. They are simple to setup and you can get a 56kbit connection.

Nice job all this hand work! Mes félicitations! T'a bien travaillé lá! Il se bouge pas trop vite mais ca ira! Bonne chance pour la suite!

Keep it on!

that is just beautiful... and a healthy reminder of why i decided to learn robotics (and am awake at 3:00am on a monday morning)

HI, FRIEND i am an engineering student and is intrested in making that bot for my final year project can u pls help me with dimensions of every part. it would be helpfull.


Especially considering this is all hand cut. 

The walk gait is starting to look pretty cool!


Keep it up MoX

Hi TinHead :)

Thanks a lot, I must admit that I'm used to have blisters now ;)

Have fun


Please don't apologize for your president-It is us(US) that has cornered the market on that for the last 50 years,,,,,,,,,,

And your english works for me!