.NetRC Project

Controls a small RC car via PC with image processing

Small project to control an RC car via pc. I've placed a small RF pinhole camera in the car so I could be used for manual driving and for image processing.

Here are some pictures of the modified remote and the connections to the arduino:

Hacked Remote








Connections to Arduino








The RC control can be manual via keyboard or semi autonomous by following faces (this is still in very early stage of development)

20-10-2010  Cosmetic and Software Updates (new videos)

I've changed the control from keyboard to head direction detection. Still has plenty of bugs and there is some issues with the rc car base.



27-11-2010 Headlights (new videos)

I've had some issues with low light conditions, so I've added an LDR, picaxe 8M and two powerfull leds. Now it can be driven under low light conditions. Also I added a bigger rechargable battery so it would increase the autonomy. 

Breadboard view







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nice project  .i want to make this project .i need components lists  please send me ...

What camera and transmitter did you use? I am thinking about integrating a wireless camera into a project I am planning out, and I have no experience buying cameras and receivers.

I'm using a wireless camera like this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-WIRELESS-MINI-CCTV-SECURITY-CAMERA-HIDDEN-SPYCAM-UK_W0QQitemZ320606490504QQihZ011QQcategoryZ48632QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

It's not the best cam but works well indoors. If you have budget there are much better ones, even with night vision features or go for a wifi if is for indoor.

I feel sorry for her. (Her only brother is dead)

Nice project though! How is the receiver connected to the computer?



Lol... yeah Grey anatomy has this moments ;)

Video receiver? or Radio Receiver?

If its video I'm using easycap 2.0 to receive the video signal in the computer.

Pretty good project Marvin. What kind of camera is that? Where is a good source for the camera? I assume the camera is combined with a wireless transmitter all in one package? If not, what pieces are you combining? I don't know how the .net system interfaces with the arduino. Are you writing C# code in the .net environment and rf transmitting it to bot? Or do you have a receiving program on the bot getting control codes from the .net system. Thanks Paul

Thank you Paul. The front camera is a normal RF one, that comes with a external receiver then I connect it to the pc via a vga adapter.

To interface the .net with arduino I use the Serial library and send commands to the Arduino. I have some samples in my blog if you want to check it.

The bot itself has no hack (yet), it just receives the commands from its original (hacked) control.

Nice project I've got a similar one going at the moment, Im controlling the car via a flash program I wrote, no cam yet though.

I have movement controll, now Im in the process of getting actionscript to capture the button presses so I "record" a series of movements and get it to execute the exact same movement at the click of a button. How did you interface the transmitter with the arduino? Ive hooked up some opto isolators to just close the circuit where the switches were. Not sure is the most effective method.

Will try upload some pics and video soon...

ah just checked out your blog, looks like I took a round about method.

Oh, sweet!  A project I always dreamed to do.

I think it will be a lot easier to control (and give cooler videos) if you mount the camera much lower. Then it can also face much more forward.