bugbot 1 is for most an boebot with modified chasis it has a pir motion sensor,2full rototation servos and a parallax standard servo for the mandable it also features a mercury tilt switch so the bug knows when it should stop moving in tilt situations like table edges to atempt a reverse or if you pick it up it will attempt to pinch you with its functioning mandable the mandable also has a touch sensor to know it has caught you as well as sound and light sensitivity I also included a phillips pcf8574 I2C expander to give me 8 more input/out puts and the ability to connect to my ti86 programable calculator aswell as the parallax BS2 homework board as the main board. also an ADC&microphone to do sound sensitivity&mesurement and and audio amplifier for outputing audible communication and different types of alarms. I am now working on a solar driven dynomo to power the rechargable battries and bugbot 1 will then become a scorpion with three robotic arms aswell,one as the tail.

 I recently saw a frittsLDR sensor on this site that I might have to add to the bot for light sencing I hope to meet the guy who came up with it to discuss some ideas I have to make it sensitive to colors too I got this little LED stoplight circuit for a nickle at the flea market that I think I can modify into the led driver for the FrittzLDR which can be senced by the BS2 and true color recognition made possible on the cheap-cheap.

bugbot1 has no real intended application but just a good atempt to demonstrate and hone my skills.


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Some other features I didn't mention is the 2 antanne which also work as touch sensors it is also covered by pertruding sharp screw tips which makes it dog proof rubber matted feet for traction on slick surfaces programable and self modifing software as well the ti86 acts as an LCD debug monitor and way to pass collected data back and forth. I plan to soon add also the usb flash drive adapter to both the calculator and Bugbot 1 allowing a combined memory of over 4 Gigabytes.





If the creator of the Frittz LDR or anyone interested in constructing one of these or if they can contribute a simplistic FM transmitter/reciver circuit schematic for the project can contact me through Email.



Sorry about your keyboard though... It must be tough when you are missing all the punctuation buttons...

thanks for the response on the LDR, I guess I wasnt the first to see the oppertunity...




hey I wanted to post the new updates to the bugbot, some for just wanting to add and some for fixing flaws.

new mandable to fix the failing control arm problems

the new mandable was found on a broken kids toy while cleaning the yard, I quickly fixed the toy with a hammer and soon it was new dentures for bugbot.

A fix for those bending wire struts a little more sturdy and helps walk seem more fluid

Here you see new struts to replace the original bending fence wire which made the bot walk like it had arthritis the new struts made a bigg difference.

a 2.0 update to a new look

A solution to the dieing battery problem, I found a 1watt 12v cell at harborfreight and took it apart right out of the box. My regulator/controler is simply 2 of the tip31b's with a few resistors to make both the 9vdc for the stamp board, the mandable servo and the 6vdc for the walk servos.

I still havent gotten the object detection working but it is in the works and I will update as I get it to work.   

"I recently saw a frittsLDR sensor on this site that I might have to add to the bot for light sencing I hope to meet the guy who came up with it"

- Here I am :)

the response is kinda late fritts but appreciated anyway. I had posted the request very early in the LDR posting's. I had then continued to watch the topic unfold untill my questions where answered though. I am now working on a speech recognition system to work with my original naomi speecch engine. Future bugbots will be Pc controlled and have speech capability's aswell as webcam vission. I still may use the LDR designs you offered in some form or another though.

things on the current project still being researched is

1 blob detection using a dsc2770 gear-to-go webcam and how to snap a picture from commandline using qb64.

2 finalizing the hidden Markov model speech recognition in qb64

3 implementation of the speech recognition into my original naomi speaking machine interface project.

4 a haevy redesign of naomis inboard speaking basic inturpreter.

5 humanoid chasis design.

6 finding money to pay for it all.

7 enough robots and weaponry to take over the world ofcorse..


Very creative.

thanks for the comment, I intended to make this robot from things found as scrap aside from the electronics, my point was to make a superior robot using no more than many spend on a boebot kit. my point is the kit teaches you how but at some point you got to "break from church and be a missionary" . and I wanted to show it was possible.

thing is it is a $70 "what is a microcontroler kit" plus 3 servos and a pir sensor, the rest is from junk.