Telepresence Magabots - Any volunteers?

UPDATE 04 Dec 2011:


We're here at this amazing robotics exhibit in Lisbon, Portugal and we have several available magabots. 

If you want to have a look at the different robots (quad and octocopters, tracked robots, robotic guides, etc), just visit us or meet other LMRers face-to-face (or robot-to-robot ;) ), add '' to your skype contacts list and take the control of one of them :D



UPDATE 08 Nov 2011:

Hi everyone,

We'll have again a bunch of Magabots together all in one place, this time on SAPO Codebits V, to test telepresence among other things.

3 days. 24 hours a day. 800 attendees. Talks. Workshops. Lots of food and beverages. 48 hour programming/hacking competition. Quiz Show. Presentation Karaoke. Security Competition. Lots of gaming consoles. LEGO. More food. More beverages. More coding. Sleeping areas. More fun. An unforgettable experience.


If you feel like you want to have a look arround, meet other LMR's face-to-face or just play, add '' on skype and we'll give you the control of one of the bots :D


I'll announce here once they're ready :)



Original Post 01 Oct 2011:


Hi LMR, 

Me, guibot and some friends are at TEDxEdges with some robots and need people to test telepresence with them..

If you're available please add '' to your skype contact list so we can give you the control of a Magabot, you have until 19 PM of today (London Time).

Let's Get Magabot !!  :)

Thank You!



PS: All you need is skype. It's not necessary to install any other software.


Update 01 Oct 2011 - 23h... (London Time)


Here are the first photos:

Birdmun on Magabot

Voodoobot watching the view

Voodoobot ready to take a swim

Gareth watching the sunset

Gareth watching "Torre de Belém"

??? (Gareth)

Gareth and automatic doors: be afraid! :D

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Any volunteers?

The magabots are now also available. Let's play?

We're at SAPO Codebits and we have this robot ready to be remote controlled, if you want to try it add '' to your Skype contacts list and say something :D

This is great. What a wonderful experience you were able to share. I wish I could have joined you, but I have to sleep sometime.

It was interesting to watch how people interacted with operators of the MagaBots. Some naturally stepped around them, much as you might a small pet walking around a crowded room at a party. A few seemed to only notice at the last moment, and had to step over the MagaBot. Quite a few gave them curious looks. I'm not sure that I saw anyone actually try to talk to or interact with them, which would have been interesting.

I'd love to hear more about this project. Is the MagaBot your own creation? There's not much info on the web.

Nice, next time we will announce this some time before for sure :)

The video in which you see a Magabot downstairs, it wasn't being remote controlled, was just navigating arround making use of the sonars and bumpers.

People interacted more when they saw people on the screen or when they saw the webcam led ON or the skype window on the screen.

Magabot is being developed in a partnership between Artica (guibot's and aspa's company)and IDMind. They contacted and invited me to join the team after watching my videos of TheBox.

Guibot just posted today the robot project here on LMR : and we've just released the new Magabot website: :D


What is amazing to me is that no one stepped on one of them.

In an environment with a lot of people milling about, I would think they ought to have a fibreglas mast sticking up with a brightly coloured flag attached at a minimum.

Maybe next time I can play too :)

New videos uploaded.

There are a lot still missing, we'll post them soon :D

They're great!!!!  :D

I was surprised at the speed and smoothness, now that I see them in motion. Tnx for posting vids... enjoyed