Locomotion experiment- rotary walker

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Hey that's so cool !


WOWOWOW great design, I hope you share with us more details. Collected and added to RoboBucketList :D

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super nice. very interesting.


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10 outta 10 on the whole bit.

  • Mechanical design is outstanding. The parallel, but offset, wheels are fantastic. Whatever you are using for the hinge of each "slat" of the wheels is (apparently) tiny, simple and works amazingly fluidly. Not to mention the range of motion --Each slat has to almost do a 180 on each revolution. Awesome
  • Overall design of the robot is beautiful. The lines, the proportions, angles, all exactly what they should be. All of your wheel slats are parallel and even. The reveal (gap) between the wheels and the surrounding body is equal and even all the way around and remains this way during travel. --The wheels are straight and true and also mounted this way.
  • The recessed triangle at the front adds perfect depth, texture and excellent shadow lines.

Form and function are 100%. Period.

Any chance I can get a close-up of the pivots (for the slats) on the wheels? I gotta make one of these for myself. I'll do it out of plexi and if I get a working model, I swear I will send you one in any color you like.

Awesome robot.

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I uploaded the next-gen verson of this, and that has a video which shows the old slat design.  It was actueally really poorly put together- but my new verson is better and thats probably the design I would recomend if you made one yourself.  you can see it here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30740

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You are an arty. I see it!

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Wow! you got some nice work there!!

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You are a boy genius. Beautiful design of locomotion. Perhaps with enough flotation good propulsion in water too?

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yes!  I was thinking about that.  Maybe another day...

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wow that's cool too