Game = Stacks


Game = "STACKS"


Build an autonomous robot that starts in the “Start Box” and moves a block (or blocks) from the “Loading Zone” to the “Stack” as fast and as accurate as possible. See the game picture for reference. The goal is to autonomously move the blocks and arrange them in a stack/pile taller than 12 inches / 30 cm.

Note – this means that the stacked blocks will be taller than the starting size of the robot stacking them!



Max Robot Starting Size = 12 inches ( 30 cm ) cubed

Game Board Size = 36 inches ( 90 cm ) by 12 inches ( 30 cm)

Max Block Size = 4 inches ( 10 cm ) cubed - can be smaller

In order to win you must post a video clearly showing:

  • when the robot is turned on
  • the robots run
  • when the robot is stopped
  • the Stack height
  • the LMR logo.

The Loading Zone Starting Height: must be shorter than 12 inches ( 30cm).

No limit on parts used.

No other rules defined.

Game Judge = Long time LMR member Chris the Carpenter




Winners will be chosen by Chris based on accomplishing the task, speed, accuracy, and the general ability to perform the task well.

Chris has the final say in who wins regardless of the results.

These rules are meant to be open and to some degree subject to personal interpretation to promote creative solutions.

When is doubt, Chris has the final say in who wins.



All prizes are donated by Missouri Education 501C3, and Rocket Brand Studios.

1st place finish = $120 credit at Rocket Brand Studios.

2nd place finish = $80 credit at Rocket Brand Studios.

3rd place finish = $25 cedit at Rocket Brand Studios.

Note - Each year we plan to use a different LMR sponsor for game prizes.



Thanks for Playing Our Game!

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