LMR Prize Picker

Picks winners!

This contraption was created to pick winners for the 2nd LMR Donation Drawing.

See the included video for a demonstration.

At the heart of the LMR Prize Picker is the FetaDuino from Rocket Brand Studios.


It also features this old WICO Command Control joystick, and a BINGO cage.


Of course, BINGO stands for, "Basic Integrated Number Generator, Of couse."

The BINGO cage is rotated using this nifty gear motor, which I actually bought from JAX quite a while ago.


When a ball is selected, rolls down this shoot and is detected using a simple photo interrupter. A photo darlington and an LED flashlight are used for the detector.


Behind the scenes, two custom circuit boards provide voltage regulation (on the left) and a motor driver and resistor for the photo interrupted (right). A 7.2V NiMH battery provides ample power. Some wire management could be in order.

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...On building such an awesome contraptionator.

Andrew, this is outstanding! You ROCK!

...and I like your interpretation of B.I.N.G.O.

Amazingly well done, Andrew!

I think I'll give you and NilsB the task of saving the world or something, you appear to just be lifting what we throw at you ;D

Had to do some last minute tweaks to the code to keep the BINGO cage from flinging balls across the room. 

It should hardly be a chaotic nightmare at all.