Science Fair

Has anyone made the start here robot for a science fair and is it a good idea because I want to

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Probably not, but then again none of us have any idea what the science fair is all about. If it is biology, you would not win with a robot.

Then why waste your time asking the question, just do it.

That actually makes me wondering if it is possible gather all LMR people to launch our "LMR robot" to space? To do what? I don't know? LMR satellite maybe? heehee...

if a LEGO man can go to space, we surely can do it....well, in the future or so.

Ooo! Can I be RoBacchus, Robot God of Wine?

lol that was harsh oddbot i couldnt think of anything at the time and didnt want to put my name so sorry

Usually you're out to prove a hypothesis with a science fair project. What theory are you trying to prove with a SHR? That PICAXE is better than Arduino? ;) j/k, no flamewar pls

I entered this in last years science fair I won $75 and took the private engineering award, but when it comes to the actual scoring, i got 3rd place because it is hard to have an actual experiment and hypothesis with a robot. But it was nice for me because i had already built that. Just grabbed it off my shelf, made a back board and came home with $75 :).

I was a bit angry that most of the kids went on to the state competition and I didnt. They had some pretty sorry experiments but they were real experiments. I definitely had more fun though. I got lots of compliments from the other contestants and the people visiting. So just build what you will have fun with. 

This year i am going to be grabbing my AGV  off the shelf and entering that. Hopefully i will take home some more money.I am trying to think of a testable hypothesis.


I do remember last year there was a little girl who had a hexapod ( you could tell her dad made it and she didnt know much about it). Her multiple hypothesizes were bad and on the verge of funny. Like "if I flip the switch, then the program will run."  

I'm no robot god, but I am god's gift to women :)

they are like the people with no knolwge in hacking and have names like "Hackermaster" :D ...