La Tostadora!

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Excellent idea well done.

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Haha, dude this is totally awesome, bot idea and I also love the vid at the top as a whole :D

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Really great, I loved it!

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Awesome. I was almost faling from my chair seeing the first video...when the toast and the ultrasound sensor came out :-))) Sooo awesome....


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Gold, pure gold :)

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Is that a Miga NanoMuscle rotary actuator you used for the 'nodding' motion of the ultrasonic sensor?
I don't remember seeing any used on an actual project here @ LMR before, what do you think of it?

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They make a 2P as well but it doesn't have the limit switches so I think it's really easy to overheat and break the wires in it.

Here's a video of an Attiny 85 running one using a PWM Arduino sketch. Either LED "blink" or "fade", I don't remember :P

I'm using the MAD 5 controller board which just has 3 wires in from the controls. 1 wire= ground, 1 wire=5V and the other is a "signal" from the Arduino. Then 3 wires from the MAD 5 to the motor. The MAD 5 is a tiny thing! It's about the same size as the motor and has a tactile button on it that "manually" triggers it. It does seem to draw a lot of current though, because the 7805's that I've been powering it with get pretty warm.

It's basically a one trick pony though... 

You don't have any proportional control like a servo. About all you can control is the speed the shaft rotates when it "contracts" A spring pulls it back to the relaxed position, plus it doesn't have a lot of rotation. The site says 60 deg. and I suppose that's about right.

Hope this helps because there isn't a lot of info on them out there.. It is DEAD SILENT and pretty powerful though but at $10 for the motor and $15 for the driver it's a bit expensive. There is a tutorial on the migamotors site for using an Arduino as a driver but I haven't really checked it out..

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Oh yea, if you look at the video the green led is lit when it's "contracting" and off when it's "relaxing". The MAD 5 is zip-tied to the motor.

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A little more progress:


I think he'll have a lot of personality once I get everything operating!  I'd like to hear more about the PIR sensor.  I;m a super noob at this.

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I like the PIR idea! I read about the Serv-O with interest because I've been fooling with Atiny 85's a bit. I've only had them blinking lights and such so far but I did get a sketch running an SR04 parking sensor on one. I was thinking about using an Atiny on this project. Maybe charlieplex some led's inside of El Tostador!. My programming skilz are teh suk tho...:D.