BCW 1.0

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Dickel's picture

Hey chiefdadddy. This robot looks pretty good. Styrene is my prefered material to work with.

chiefdadddy's picture
I'm lucky Canal Plastics a small plastic shop in china town is just a subway train ride away. They have large sheets for 7 bucks. After I practice on BCW I'll have skills for future projects.
MetalmonkeeLad's picture

hi chief! this looks awesome and creative(dog food lids!!!...i'm thinking of chief :) )

zezo010's picture

Nice work .waiting for more info.

Maxhirez's picture

You have a great sense of aesthetics, ChiefDaddy!  Also, hats off to your unique inclusion of the LMR logo-I like that.  (Give Chief a scratch behind the ears for me, will ya?)

NilsB's picture

Hello BCW. Welcome on earth. Rock on cute little guy.