BCW 1.0

Basic obstacle avoidance.


Basic obstacle avoidance robot using two servos for the wheels(lids from dog food), the caster is a funny plastic bolt cap they use in NYC on construction sites(found on street), Foam board, hot glue and the Arduino from yourduino.com with servo plug ins and last but not least the HCsr04 :D


More to come on this one. Been wanting to post this little guy for a few weeks and have not had a chance. BOX CAR WILLY 1.0 :D

Update- 12/19/2012

BCW has three cell phone batteries powering him and I have set it up for easy charging...well kinda easy. :)

I added two switches, one for movement(placed higher for easy stopping) and one for the Arduino.

New Caster also!

Could not bring myself to post a full robot just for a RocketBrand BristleBot :D so I combined BCW's update and BristleBot in one video! Gotta love the Extra WiiCamera Parts Chris the Carpenter sends with it! 


BCW is getting a new shell/armor made of Styrene :D Here are a few pics just for fun.

3/3/13 update - Body work

As CTC would say "lil putty llil paint make it what it ain't"

I went with Silver!

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Hello BCW. Welcome on earth. Rock on cute little guy.

Nice work .waiting for more info.

hi chief! this looks awesome and creative(dog food lids!!!...i'm thinking of chief :) )

Hey chiefdadddy. This robot looks pretty good. Styrene is my prefered material to work with.

I'm lucky Canal Plastics a small plastic shop in china town is just a subway train ride away. They have large sheets for 7 bucks. After I practice on BCW I'll have skills for future projects.