Tadpole Robots

Does Almost Everything

Its been a long time coming, but I am proud to introduce you to the Tadpoles...


The Tadpole is simply a perfect platform for the beginners and advanced robot folks alike. It can be as simple as a Spurt bot or as complex as one wants including abilities like mapping and datalogging. There is no soldering required and the entire assembly can be done in an hour, with one screwdriver.

The Tadpole can be purchased as a bare chassis allowing you to use your own Arduino Uno or Duemilanove board (with motor driver shield), the "standard" Picaxe 28 board or Picaxe's new Shield Base system. If you would like a more complete package, you can get the Tadpole with a sensor (obstacle or line-follow) and with a micro controller, Micro Magician or Mini Driver.


  • Dagu Mini Driver 
  • Dagu Micro Magician 
  • Rocket Brand Studios Nano Undershields 
  • Standard Arduino Boards 
  • Picaxe "standard" 28x board 
  • Picaxe's new Shield Base system


  • A little Phillips-head screwdriver Maybe a pair of pliers would be handy, but you really don't need it 
  • (4) Rechargeable AAA batteries (No alkaline) 
  • USB cord (You already have this, its a "regular USB" to "mini-regular" USB. --Its the one that goes to your camera... ...C'mon, you actually have 20 of these cords in a drawer or your "cord box", let's not kid ourselves here...)



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awesome bots chris...

How can you sell them for $30 and still profit!? I can't wait to see your next idea!

It's a really cool bot. Nice 2 see that it connects to various input devices. Well done !

Congratulations Chris, your Taddies are taking over the front page! 3 projects from 2 different people!

...and much thanks back to you, OB-1, and our friends at Dagu. I could not have put this platform together without your awesome MicroM's, MiniD's and LBD's.

Awsumly multipurpose..

One of the best i've seen, very tempted to order one. 

However one quick question, what are the wheels like on a non flat surfaces, such as carpet?

It seems to work fine on carpet, as long as is not some 1970s deep pile shag. It runs a tiny bit slower on the carpets than on a hard floor, but just fine.

It won't climb over big obstacles, but it is good for any flat surface.

Those look absolutely awesome! Very versatile and cool looking!!  You should try selling a few of those on Tindie in addition to your regular site and see what happens. Excellent price, too... adding to my wish list!