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DC Motor Guidelines?

Hello All,

I am building an autonomous vaccum cleaner robot.  I am using an existing cordless vaccuum as the base (why reinvent the wheel?) and putting powered wheels and a brain on it.

I am looking for guidelines as to how to spec motors for this (and other) projects.  One wouldn't think it should not bring about so much thought, but here it is.  Although there is a distinct possibility I am overthinking this.

Atmel RF ATmegas


Has anyone attempted using these? I was wondering how hard it would be to use them with the arduino bootloader for my as-yet-not-started RC system project (I will get round to it soon, hopefully). The Zigduino seems to use them, and they've supplied a library to operate the in-built radio. I'm just wondering whether I'd have to be careful with PCB layout etc. to avoid interference.

It jumps in and scares you......
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Plays Tic Tac Toe, Participates in Oddbot's Naughts and Crosses challenge
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Making a list and checking it twice...

I am ready to place the order(s) for my parts for my first bot, however do to the overall total, which is right around $130 USD I will be doing it in two parts, off of two different paychecks.

 I figured a good way to go would be to get the most expensive order out of the way, which is the one with the PICAXE starter kit, so I could start programming with some LEDs and such and such that I can pick up for cheap at Radio Shack.  However I have a few questions to make sure I have everything right.


So, here's my list that I am getting from Sparkfun

How to turn a male to male jumper into male to female jumper .
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Avoid objects and never stop
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Low-power remote power-independent (solar charged) sensor node!

Well, for a while now I've been entertaining the idea of building a remote sensor node to keep track/record of my indoors "balcony orchard".

This project here will be my starting point, a Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node where most of the work is already cut out for me.

It's power consumptions are reported to be:

Sleep Consumption 0.14 mA

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Navigate around avoiding obstacle via IR eye.
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RoboGames Sumo

I'm still very new to robotics, and there's no way I could just build a sumo robot right now.

But when I said I wanted to run a marathon a couple years ago, I wasn't a runner, and I just worked my way there slowly but surely, and finished the race.  Moral of the story; I'm much more motivated if I have goals.

Discussion of object recognition with distance sensors

I would just like to open the floor to any thoughts on the code would take for a robot to do a sweep with a distance sensor and get an idea of what it was looking at overall. We have seen object recognition (edge finding) a couple different ways and code to send a bot to open areas. What I am wondering now is about checking distances at different points of the sweep and (here's the important thing) to figure out what it is looking at.