Let's Make Robots!

Vmusic2 and a Great Company

I will get a walk-through up soon on this one but for now, I have to give some love to some great guys who actually care about customer service...

DarwinBot lives

This continues my previous experiments with evolutionary code generation. I built the simplest robot imaginable to test out pieces of code. This is 1069-H1 aka "DarwinBot".

Mini Sumo Bot Parts!


I decided to make a mini sumo robot a few weeks ago instead of doing an obstacle avoider. Turns out that once you think about it, mini sumo bots and obstacle avoiders are pretty much the same! The only changes I would need to make would be to the code. Great! Sumos can also double as line followers. So in short, they're pretty versatile. Here is an image of most of the parts that will go into this sucker. 


I planned to use tactile sensor on my arduino based robot. In the end I used IR sensors instead. anyway, there are applications where tactile sensor is the right … Read more
BJ is based on the Parallax Stingray robot. I ordered the chassis before I went on vacation. Since I just got back, I hope to build it this weekend. I am planning … Read more

CNC - my summer obsession

Haven't posted anything for awhile - I've been busy building a CNC machine based on this book: Build Your Own CNC Machine (see http://buildyourcnc.com/Book.aspx for more details). The book very thoroughly describes the building techniques necessary to get up and running using the plans in the book and the suggested electronics.

Here are the basic materials I used (exact electronics specified in the book):

minimum torque for 20 kg robot (53pound)

I'm wondering if the tracked robot I'm building will have enough torque...
It weighs 20kg( really max)
wheels radius (wheels and tracks) 4.5cm  1.8in
I have 2 motors giving 2000 rpm, 0.2n.M 28.3in-ozf
I wanted to use a 1:1 ratio for doing speed, and a 2:1 for climbing. max speed at 1:1 about 20kmh, 12mph.

FIXED: irin resets servo?

I've attached an IR receiver to a servo to use as an IR beacon detector. I'm trying to have the servo sweep through its travel to look for an infrared signal using the "irin" command on a 28X2. I want it to start the servo all the way to the right and pause for an IR signal check. If no signal then increment to the left a little bit, look for IR signal, if no signal, blah blah blah...

My (original) code snippet:

let servo_pos = 70

3D Printing


Found this online and thought it may be of interest to people on here.


It's a 3D printer you can build yourself. It's a bit beyond my building capacity, but I'll bet there's people on here that can build one.

Picaxe servopos vs pulsin - why different?

For various reasons, I am trying to emulate the function of a servo control board, insofar as the application will be only for motor speed and direction control via one pin and a pwm input- essentially, I'm trying to make a tiny motor driver compatible with inputs via a picaxe servopos command.

(I think there's lot of other potential applications here, but this is where I'm at for now).



Good algorithm for when to trust GPS speed and course?

In my testing so far, GPS modules that are locked in do a much better job in motion than sitting still. If I ride a bike down the street with a GPS, it will capture my route almost perfectly until I stop and then it gets "fidgety" and will jump around. Some modules do a better job of staying nearly fixed, but  I haven't had any that were perfect. The location data is still reasonably valid, but the implied motion throws off the speed and course reporting drastically. I need to come up with an algorithm to know when to ignore it but I need to start using it as soon as it is valid.

Request for electronic 101

Is it possible the more advanced people in lmr to make an electronic 101 tutorial or a series of tutorials

in order to make new members more familiar with electronics?

I mean for example ,what is a resistor what a capacitor why they are being used,then make some small projects

like a voltage regulator or a battery charger  and give examples of other simmilar circuits and have new members to make

their own pcbs  and know why they use each component ,like Chris(CtC) did with his son?

AOP - Just look at those legs

One "SchneeBeast" on its way to Gakken Japan .... .... Next day a suprise Package from Gakken Japan

Contents :-  Glossy Magazine with my SchneeBeast in print, (riks TJWalker is on top of page too)

Price: $158.95 USD

 Collected by one member
The Boe-Bot Robot Kit (USB) is a complete mobile robotics kit. Read more

Stringifying for Gareth

Here is my MP3 playing routine. It shows an int coming in, gettting converted to a string, and then assembled into a longer string which is then sent to the mp3 unit via serial. The only object you should need to make this work is "Numbers" with is sorta "Parallax standard".