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Bug Toy - PID - Visual Tracking and Moon Delay

Update 2011.4.20

First hacked attempt at a P - control.. it got a little complex being multi-threaded - the feedback on one thread, the commands on another.   The result is in the video (at the bottom of this post).  I think I have to boost the kp constant a little..among other things 

Things I noticed:

Price: $59.95 USD

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Price: $34.95 USD

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Photovore - Light seeking solar powered
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Price: $41.99 USD

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Move around in a very cool way
Using a
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RFID Keylock - RBBB Propeller

Continued......... Video explains the details ....including the painstaking job of finding the right house wires....ekkk

Removed the "Elfish PC" as its needed on another project.........

..... Replaced with a super cool RBBB Propeller board M44D40 found on the parallax forum, for 20 dollars.

I choose this board because of its size and simplicity (it has to fit inside my RFID box) .

Make Your Own PICAXE USB Program Cable

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone else has made their own PICAXE program transfer cable?

I had all the equipment to make one, 2.5mm stereo jack, colour coded wire, a usb plug and soldering equipment; so I thought i'd give it a go!

The connections for the PICAXE cable seemed very simple (having only Serial in, Serial Out and Ground) and knowing that a usb's connections were quite similar (Ground, Data+, Data- and Vcc) so I tried to match them up.

Price: $7.5 USD

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Price: $14.95 USD

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A very powerful 5mW green laser. Fun, but don't point in anyone's eyes. Read more
Controlled from PC via XBEE wirelees radio, or roams avoiding objects using sensors
Using a
Here is some information on Zapp Prop Bot-1.X It is controlled by a Propeller Robot Controller Board Kit V1.02 by Wulfden. Read more

LDR vs Ir Phototransistor

Hi  Everyone

I'm doing research for my first bot from scratch. I was hoping someone could point me to a good source of info on the advatages/disavantages of using LED & LDR vs Ir with Phototransistor for proximity sensors.

My basic goal for them is to have an edge detector in each corner and a line following array. I thought the LDRs would a simple and cheap approach but was surprised to see how cheap this Ir LED & Phototrasistor set was.

ATTiny programming

I saw this link about programming ATTiny:


is it possible to make an ATTiny board to replace the Uno for programming other ATTiny chips?

they appear to have the same pins that are used by the Uno; 'SCK, MISO, MOSI'...


Please dont laugh this little guy off the planet. He was a very old robot kit Called Mr. Technoman I'll upload a picture of the box later for fun. The old robot was … Read more