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Cheap Servvos

Can anyone recommend a website where a servo is inexpensive?
A robotic platform for further development
Using a
Intro This is my second robot, sort of an improvement over my first one of which I unfortunately lost all pictures. This is a sturdy platform that uses a plastic … Read more
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Avoid objects and never stop
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Hello! Finally posted something... But yeah: This is my 6th robot, and it is my version of SHR! It runs on Picaxe 14M, and uses 2 modified micro servos to … Read more

Low-power remote power-independent (solar charged) sensor node!

Well, for a while now I've been entertaining the idea of building a remote sensor node to keep track/record of my indoors "balcony orchard".

This project here will be my starting point, a Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node where most of the work is already cut out for me.

It's power consumptions are reported to be:

Sleep Consumption 0.14 mA

saves versions of files during dev process of code
Source control is an important part of development, whether it be for a website, a major application, or robot instructions/thoughts because you never know what you … Read more
Price: $9.95 USD

 Collected by one member
This four-pack of 8-tooth injection-molded sprockets comes with two idler sprockets (with 1/4" holes) and two sprockets with 7-mm holes for use with for use … Read more
jump a bit, falls upside down
Another foamboard bot   this one has 4 legs and a pan/tilt mounted Ping)))   Read more
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BLE, Bluetooth 4.0, Fuse Doctor, heat-sink, Jig, Pulse Sensor, Raspberry pi, Thermostat, XL4432. high-power LED
I'm posting this collection out of frustration and perhaps defeat. I've been working on several projects for the last two months, trying to finish something. I'd … Read more